Beautiful Bathroom Ideas For Families With Children

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Guest Post-
Bathrooms are often the cause of arguments in families with children. It seems like everybody needs one to themselves, particularly when the kids reach school age. The morning battles for that priceless piece of real estate play out in households all over the country. It has been that way for several decades and is not likely to change anytime soon.

If you are about to install a new bathroom in your home, introduce some features that will make your life easy. Some people will cringe at them, but as a working mom of three boys I can testify that they work.

I refitted my bathroom as a DIY project and it turned out well. As long as you are willing to have a bash at plumbing and tiling, you can do it too. An electrician must alter the wiring in the room, but the rest is down to you. Here are some beautiful bathroom ideas for families with children.

Bath Or Shower?

Many bathrooms don’t have the space for a bath and a shower cubicle, so most of them feature a shower over the bath. It can be unsafe to stand in a standard unit, so think about fitting an L shaped shower bath instead. They reduce the risk of accident. The base is level at one end so that you can stand safely without the risk of slipping. Because they are wider at the shower end, you have plenty of space to move about. I installed a clear glass screen instead of shower curtains, and it looks fabulous.


Are you forever reminding the men in the house to lift the toilet seat before they use it and to put it down again afterwards? It drives women up the wall when it isn’t clean and ready to use. I installed a urinal, and it has changed my life. The guys are happy to use it, and they never miss! They aren’t only for commercial applications; you can have one too. I cannot recommend this feature highly enough.

Wash Basins

The range of unique double vanities is vast, and they are a vital part of my bathroom design. Two people can now brush their teeth at the same time in the mornings, and I can get the kids to school on time and without shouting as much as I used to. How we ever managed with one sink, I will never know. The new unit has plenty of storage space, and it helps me to keep the bathroom clean and tidy. Nothing is on view that doesn’t need to be an it makes the room look and feel more spacious than it did before.

Wall And Floor

You can learn to decorate the walls and floor in about an hour. You must learn to cut straight lines and intricate shapes in the tiles. There are electric cutters available for under twenty pounds these days, and they do an incredible job. They might not last forever, but at that price they are almost disposable.

I achieved a professional finish to my room because I used the best quality fixtures and fittings. It cost more than I anticipated, but the result is worth it. The room is a luxurious place to spend time in the evenings and a functional place in the mornings. The men in my house look cleaner than they did before. Is it because they have new girlfriends or just that they enjoy spending time in the new bathroom? We will have to wait and see.


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