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Disclosure:  We received a Beatrix Girls doll to facilitate our review.  We received no other compensation and all opinions are 100% our own.
Introducing The Beatrix Girls- A New Line of Collectible Pop-Star Dolls to Empower and Inspire Girls Through Their Music, Fashion and Lifestyle!
The Beatrix Girls is a new line of beautiful 12 inch dolls that are more than just a typical doll.  The Beatrix Girls are pop stars and create their own original music and videos.  Each of the 4 Beatrix Girls band members have developed personalities, back stories, and more. Brayden, Ainsley, Lark and Chantal live and interact in the human world—producing real music, real hits, and real fans.  Kids can join The Beatrix Girls’ fan club, collect their music, watch their videos, and vicariously live the fantasy of being a pop-star through play.

As a mom of 2 daughters there are dolls that I won’t let my girls play with because they dress inappropriately for my taste or I just don’t think they show good values to my daughters.  I love that the Beatrix Girls have their own style but they dress in a way that I wouldn’t mind my daughters dressing.  They may only be dolls but to young girls they become real when they watch their videos and listen to their songs.  They empower and inspire young girls through their fashion, music, and lifestyles.  Through their stories girls learn that it takes perseverance and tenacity to achieve their goals.  That is a lesson that I try to instill in my own daughters.

Another message that the Beatrix Girls promote is making the world a better place which is so important to my own daughters who get involved in our community to make positive changes.   I love how each girl has a fully developed personality with her own substance, style and traits that my girls can admire and identify with.  When you watch the videos, they are not high budget productions.  They are created with the actual dolls so their lips don’t move and you can see the hands of the people moving them.  But that is part of the charm of The Beatrix Girls.  It shows girls that they, too, can create different scenarios and story lines for their dolls to act out.  I think these dolls truly inspire creativity and imagination in girls.

We received Brayden to review and right away my girls were admiring her cool sense of style.  They love that she has dark purple hair and bright purple eyes.  My older daughter likes to write stories and has written a few songs with her class at school so she loved to learn that Brayden is the main song writer for The Beatrix Girls.  We went to The Beatrix Girls site and checked out all of their songs and videos and my girls can’t wait until new ones are added.  My girls are hoping to collect all 4 girls so they can make their own videos.  We hope in the future that The Beatrix Girls come out with accessories like guitars, a drum set, new clothes, etc. so they can really pretend to be them with props and all!  Here is one of our favorite videos.

• Brayden: “Hey, I’m Brayden: I was born in Hollywood California and my brain is always bursting with new song ideas, which is why I’m not just the lead guitarist but also the main song writer for The Beatrix Girls. I write songs that reflect real life experiences, friendship, and lessons like standing up for who you are. My passions are music and the environment! My friends and I are the hottest act in the world, but most importantly, we are great friends who care about each other and the world around us. I love to dress in stylish minis, sky-high heels and lots of jewelry. I mix those with geometric prints, clashing patterns and lots of soft bold metallic and leather. My style is different and edgy with a cross-over appeal.”

• Ainsley: “Hi. I’m Ainsley and I’m from the deep-south, but I’m definitely not a typical southern girl. I am a charming southern belle and can be quiet as a church mouse when we sip mint juleps together on the porch, but put me behind a drum set and I turn into a Riot Grrrl. My passion for drumming, coupled with a lot of hard work, got me the gig with my three best friends, as the drummer for The Beatrix Girls! I love the “modern antique” look. I favor rich, feminine fabrics like laces, florals and brocades cut into modern silhouettes that highlight my figure. I channel classic Southern Belle with my corsets hats and gloves, but I’m thoroughly modern in how I put it all together.”

• Lark: “I’m from Boston, okay? I live my life by three B’s: Beans, BoSox and Bass Guitar. Now I’ve added a fourth B… Beatrix. Aside from my love of music, I LOVE extreme sports – surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding – I’m a champ! I’m often referred to as the “rocker chick” of the group. I’m a bit grungy, a little bit punk. My passion for sports and music has not only won me many competitions, but it earned me my spot as the lead bass player with my three best friends! I like layers and ripped up jeans by day, and by night I like appropriating boys’ looks into feminine hot outfits. Combat boots with frilly dresses, skinny jeans with suspenders, sneakers with everything. I avoid pinks and other bright colors, but then again, with my fiery hair, I don’t need much color from my clothes.”

• Chantal: “I am Chantal and I come from Montreal Canada. I speak Français and English. I play the keyboard and sing. People say I’m “mellow”, logical and level headed, but I am often… “bent out of shape”… by the silly things people say and do. When this happens I am likely to “flip out.” I love to play the piano and sing, and I work very hard at both. I’m a snappy dresser and typically stick to the classics. I love the clean, mod look of the 50s. I like to wear soft, subtle silk blouses and dark, tight, Capri type pants or mini skirts with fishnet stockings. I like high heeled shoes, but not too spiky. I like to wear my silver bracelets and a slinky silver necklace.”

The Beatrix Girls will be available in October 2013 in major retail stores like: Toys R’ Us and Justice.

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