Barcelona Must Sees and Dos

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Have you always wanted to go to Barcelona? I don’t blame you! It’s one of the most exciting countries to visit in the whole world, with plenty of diverse things to see and do. However, with the sheer amount of choices you have, it can be difficult to decide how to plan your trip. This guide will help you, with a list of must sees and dos for the fabulous country:

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Go Rambling Down La Rambla

The ramble down la Rambla is one to remember, and there’s something to enjoy and marvel at along each step of the way. Start off by walking down a tree lined promenade. You’ll soon be met by some kind of street performer, followed by the opportunity to see some interesting buildings; mainly cathedrals. As you continue on the walk, you’ll come across a 2 mile stretch of peaceful land. Sandy beaches and boardwalks will take you on a relaxing journey straight to a fantastic headless fish sculpture by Frank Gehry. Be prepared for a ramble like no other!

Travel the Green Way

When you arrive at the airport, you’ll be given the option to purchase a green travel ticket. I highly recommend that you do! This ticket will get you multiple journeys on public transport, available as and when you want them. It’s the greener, cheaper way to travel. Public transport for the win!

Get a Great Deal on Dining

Don’t bother going to the restaurants that only have pictures of the food on the menus. You can find a great lunch deal for pennies, and the price of dinner won’t even go into double figures! The tapas here are amazing, especially after a starter of garlic and tomatoes on bread. Try the crispy artichokes and the marinated anchovies. You’ll dine like a king. Delicious!

Visit Some Impressive Sites

You probably already know of the impressive sites in Berlin. There are galleries aplenty, with the Picasso Museum among some favorites. It’s filled with his early work and is a great stop off for art fans! Of course, you can’t have a trip to Barcelona without visiting Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia, but save it till last.

Stay in A Top Hotel

Barcelona has plenty of fantastic hotels to choose from; take a look at these Venere hotels to see what I’m talking about. There’s no better way to end an amazing day in this country than by relaxing in a luxurious hotel.

Visit the Palace of Catalan Music

This is a concert hall with a difference. The stained glass ceiling allows the light to pour in, with mosaics and other wonders to behold inside. It’s an UNESCO world heritage site too!

There you have them; the absolute must sees and dos in Barcelona. If you have a limited amount of time, make sure you choose what you’d like to do off this list! You won’t regret it. Is there anything you loved to do in Barcelona? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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