Banish Boredom: Entertainment Gadgets That Are Fun for All the Family

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It’s easy to worry that your family is spending too much time inside using technology and not enough time outside running around. It’s a legitimate concern. But children don’t have to be outside exercising at every given opportunity. There’s plenty of fun to be had inside too, for both adults and children, and it doesn’t have to involve sitting down and barely moving. If your family likes to have fun at home, there are gadgets and entertainment systems that get the whole family involved. They’re also great for a girly night in with your best friends! If you prefer to be all-singing and all-dancing, these entertainment gadgets will get you up on your feet.

Dance Mats and Games

If your family likes to boogie then there are several options for getting your dance on at home. You can go for a simple dance mat with flashing lights, where you simply have to follow the pattern. Or you can get mats that are compatible with video game systems and even PCs. But dancing games have evolved a step further with video game systems that recognize your movements. These include the Xbox Kinect and Nintendo Wii. Players follow along with the dancers on their TV screens for tonnes of fun.

Karaoke Machines

Karaoke machines have been around for years now. But they have evolved from when they were first capable of being in people’s homes. You can still buy simple, stand-alone karaoke machines with preloaded songs. But karaoke machines, like everything else, now make use of technology and the internet to make the experience even better. Take a look at some karaoke machine reviews to see what sort is best-suited to you and your family. There are karaoke machines that work with iPods and karaoke games for systems like Xbox and PlayStation. You can also get karaoke software that operates online.

Video Games

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As well as singing and dancing games, there’s a whole host of other video games that are fun for all the family. You can sit down, and just play with a controller or you can play games where you need to use your whole body. Kids and adults love classics like Mario Kart. It’s a new experience for the kids and updated nostalgia for the grown-ups. If you want to get up and moving, a Xbox 360 with a Kinect feature is you best bet, with games that allow you to do anything from play football to ride some thrilling rapids.

Writing Tablets

Once upon a time, kids wrote and played on chalkboards, but not anymore. With a writing tablet, like the Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet, there’s no need for chalk. With a writing tablet, you can do anything from draw to play tic-tac-toe, and when you’re done there’s no need to clean it off. You can buy other tablets designed just for kids too, which makes them safer and easier to use than just handing them an iPad. Even adults can use writing tablets for shopping lists and organizing the kids!


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