Awesome Ways To Perfect Your Skin

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I love makeup. I love the way it can transform your look. I like to be able to get creative with colours and techniques to create the style I want. But there are times when my skin isn’t quite perfect enough for an even coverage. I’ve been looking into some of the ways to ensure my skin is in great condition every day. Here are some of the ideas I’ve found to share with you:


I know you’re supposed to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables every day. But I didn’t know just how important some of them are to your skin. If you look at some of the ingredients in your favourite skin care products, you might find things like coconut, almonds and vitamin E in there. Of course, you can find these in your regular diet if you eat well. Nourishing from the inside sounds like a good plan to me.


I’m not talking about running a marathon here. All you need to do is get your heart rate up a bit. This boosts your circulation that then feeds the skin cells with extra blood and oxygen. If you suffer from dry skin on your feet, regular walking can apparently help. If you work out enough, you’ll sweat. This releases all the toxins and dirt from your pores to give you a good cleanse. It beats steaming because the heat can be damaging to your skin.

Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize

Your everyday skin care routines may need to vary during your month. It will also need to change as you move through your twenties and into your thirties. For example, blemish treatments can be too harsh for older skin and cause it to burn. Use a gentle cleanser and toner twice a day. Sometimes this is preferable to tap water and skin wash that can dry you out. Finish up with a good moisturizer.

Scrub or Laser

If your skin regularly dries out or looks dull, you might want to use a weekly facial scrub to buff away the dead skin cells. If you’re researching laser treatments, look at to see a full range. It’s thought they can dramatically improve the appearance of damaged skin. Any scars or damage from acne can show under makeup. Cosmetic treatments might be one way for you to achieve a smoother, more even coverage.

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Every once in a while, it can be a nice treat for the skin to use a masque. They’re a nice treat for you too. Facials from the salon or spa often include a rejuvenating massage. These help improve the circulation in those tricky areas. They also help relax the facial muscles to reveal your beautiful bone structure and ease those frowning wrinkles. Go on, treat yourself.

Perfect skin doesn’t tend to come naturally. Us girls have to work at it. But if you can find the right products and treatment, you too can achieve a smoother, glowing look. Take the time to treat your skin. Feed it well, and you might see an improvement quite quickly.

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