Awesome Tips For The Untidy Traveler

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Are you an untidy traveler? Do you find yourself throwing your clothes into a bag, and spending hours searching for your passport at the boarding gates? When you finally arrive at your destination, do you litter the floors with all your possessions? And, do they stay there for the duration of your trip?

If so, you have come to the right place. This guide will help you become a tidier traveler, and give you some ideas about how to change the way you do things. There are plenty of benefits of tidying up your travel act, so read on to find out more.

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Put a cost on your untidiness

Money talks, as they say. So, why not put a price on your inability to travel in a tidy manner? There are many different little costs that can add up, which might make you think about addressing your bad habits. Take your luggage as an example. If you are stuffing in your clothes without folding them, you will need bulkier, heavier suitcases – or maybe even more than one. That’s all going to cost you in baggage handling fees. There’s also time to consider. You pay for every single second you spend on vacation. So, it seems silly to pay for the pleasure of rooting through your clothes every time you need to get dressed.

Get better luggage

If you are an untidy traveler, then find luggage that helps you be more organized. Buy suitcases with dedicated sections, or try something like packing cubes. They will make it easier for you to spend a little more time packing your clothes and accessories away. And that means you will spend less time finding things while on your trip.

Pack less

The less you pack, the less you have to tidy up. So, it makes sense to be as minimal as you possibly can when it comes to taking a trip away. Make a list of absolute essentials, before going over it and refining it further. Be ruthless about everything, and be realistic about your need for bulky items. Most trips away only need a few changes of clothes and only a couple of pairs of shoes.

Look around your hotel

The next time you go to a hotel, look at everything in the room. There will be a wardrobe for your clothes and some drawers for your other belongings. They are there for you to use, so don’t feel shy! Hang up your clothes, and put all your important documents in the hotel safe. If you know where everything is, you will find it much quicker.

Treat your accommodation like your home

Plenty of messy and untidy travelers aren’t the same when it comes to their own home. But, if you can treat it with respect, you will have a nicer environment to spend the rest of your vacation. Plus, you will avoid any embarrassed glances between you and the housekeeper when they finish with your bedroom!

Are you a messy traveler? Or have you reformed your ways? Why not share your story in the comments section below?

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