Awesome Stocking Filler Ideas For Your Kids This Christmas #GiftGuide

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Filling the kids’ stocking is one of my favorite parts of the holidays. There is something adorable about filling up an entire stocking. Watching your kids’ faces as they open up loads of little surprises is so much fun. It is sad that some people no longer uphold the stocking tradition. Christmas should not be about massive gifts. Sometimes it is the little things that make the day so special. If you can’t wait until the big day, you might want to let your little ones open their stockings on Christmas eve. That way, you can spread out the festivities for more than just 24 hours. If you need some help choosing Christmas stocking-fillers, here is a great gift guide to help you.

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When you are choosing your stocking-fillers, you need to think about what will fit in the stockings. That means that you need to get things that are small so that they will fit. Mini-games are great stocking-fillers, and they give your children something to do. You can get travel board games and toys from most department stores. The amazing thing about travel games is that they are small enough to fit inside a stocking, and your kids will never guess it is a game. You might want to get a mini Cluedo or Monopoly as these games are always family favorites.

Customized mittens

Children’s woolen mittens are just adorable. This gift is fantastic, because it is functional. Your children need warm accessories during the winter, and mittens are the cutest accessories of them all! If you are a craft-lover, you can attempt to knit the mittens yourself. If you’re not that confident, you can buy handmade mittens online easily. I find that making your kids’ mittens unique works well. It is always nice to put that extra bit of thought into present ideas. You might want to sew your kids’ names onto their individual mittens so that they are unique and personal. If you don’t already have one, you can pick up a sewing machine online at sites like If your kids tend to lose things, having their names on their mittens is always an excellent idea.

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Cookery books

If your children are around ten or a little older, you should consider getting them cookery books. There are loads of easy recipe books that you might want to choose. If you can get your kids to develop an interest in food now, you will find it easy to get them to eat healthy dishes. Cookery books are great, because you can help your children with the recipes, and so you get a chance to bond. When you are buying a book, make sure that it is suitable for your children’s ages. Ask a store assistant to point out appropriate books for your kids.

Musical toys

If you have the patience for it, you should think about getting your kids musical toys for their stockings. It is never too early to teach your children to play an instrument. You can get some great toy drums, guitars and keyboards online. When you are buying a toy instrument, it might be worth checking out how well it works. Some people sell musical toys that are just for show. You want a toy that your children can play like a real instrument. That way, they will learn some valuable skills when it comes to music.

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You can get some cute Christmas candy for your kid’s stockings as well. Make sure that you don’t give your kids too much candy or they will have a sugar rush and be hyperactive all day long. Instead, look for sweet things, such as chocolate coins, which are traditional at Christmas. Your kids will love these little treats!

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  1. Thanks for the stocking stuffer ideas. I’m going to have to get at it if I’m going to be ready for Christmas.

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