Give Your Home a Sophisticated Look

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Making your home look sophisticated can sometimes hard. It’s especially difficult when you have children and you can’t even keep it tidy. However, it can be surprisingly easy to create an elegant look in your home. A lot of people go overboard with their decor, so it’s difficult to make anything look sophisticated. If you want a smart and grown-up home, you need to be prepared to declutter. Elegance is all about keeping things clean and minimal. So it’s a skill you need to learn if you want a sophisticated home. Read the tips below to learn how to get the home you want.

Switch to Low-maintenance Materials

Making your home sophisticated is one thing, but keeping it like that can be a little harder. Kids, pets and general wear and tear can mean things go downhill quickly. If you want everything to stay looking neat and elegant, you should consider some permanent changes. Starting with the rooms themselves, you could put in wood, tile or laminate flooring instead of carpet. You won’t have to deal with stains or vacuuming the carpet to keep it clean. It’s also a good idea to have furniture that you can easily wipe clean. It’s a hassle to take covers off furniture to wash them, and you can wipe things down more often.

Choose a Minimal Look

A sophisticated and elegant home is all about keeping things minimal. Too much clutter can make things look out of control. So you can reassess what you currently have in each room and decide what you need to keep. It could be a good exercise to remove everything and put each item back one by one. You can choose when to stop putting things back in the room and decide what to do with anything left over. Don’t get too busy with color and patterns or you’ll risk ruining it.

Create Light and Airy Spaces

Letting lots of light into your home is a necessity for a sophisticated property. Natural light is best, but you’ll also need good electric lighting for the evenings. If you want to let in more natural light, you could consider ways of adding or changing your current windows. But if that’s too much work for you, there are other ways to increase light. Adding mirrors or even repositioning your furniture can help. Get some powerful but not harsh lights into your home to give everything a warm glow at night and on winter mornings.

Add Some Art

Although you want a minimal look, you don’t want things to be too bare. One of the fantastic ways to add sophistication is to include some art in your home. It could be paintings, photos or sculptures. Have a look at Cordair Fine Art to see some examples of what you could buy for your home. You can find art in many different places, whether it’s online or in person. And you don’t have to spend a lot on it either.

Give your home a minimal makeover to get the sophisticated look you want. Don’t forget to stay on top of the clutter to keep it looking clean.


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Affordable Ways to Deal with Back Pain

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20091510096_ca7b213ef2_zImage from Flickr

Back pain is a common problem, and it can be hard to tell how serious the problem is. If you’re experiencing back pain, you should assess your symptoms. It’s possible you could be dealing with a severe problem.

Most of the time it won’t be a serious issue. It may not even require seeing a doctor or taking any painkillers! You can help yourself by making some changes to where you sit and sleep. Over time, not having adequate back support can cause long-term discomfort.

Supporting your back on the go

Inadequate back support can cause poor posture. Having poor posture can make any existing back issues even worse. But investing in a new chair or mattress can be expensive. It can also be hard to tell if those items are the cause of the pain.

A cheaper way to try dealing with the issue is a back support brace. These work by restricting the position of your back and neck. This forces them into straighter positions. You can wear them under other clothing, and are ideal if you’re unable to do proper exercise. They’re also useful for other short-term back pains, such as lingering ones after pregnancy.

They come in several styles and strengths. If you’re considering a back support brace, there is an in-depth guide and comparison website available. Go to the website and see if this is the right option for you!

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Chairs: at work and home

It’s 2016, and more people are working at a desk than ever! If you spend a lot of time sitting down at home or work, it’s vital you’re using a good chair. The Internet is full of websites where you can buy these. But it’s difficult to tell if you’ll be comfortable in any given seat. You should go to a furniture store and try one out yourself! Spend a few minutes sitting on a chair you see for sale. That way you should be able to tell if you’ll be comfortable in it long-term!

But what about the workplace? It’s not always as easy to acquire a new chair for your office! You can try speaking to your boss or the HR department if you’re worried about your seating. Studies show that uncomfortable chairs cause not only pain but also fatigue. We call the study of comfort and its effects on workplace efficiency ergonomics. Thanks to ergonomics, it can be easier these days to convince your boss to get better seating. What boss doesn’t want increased efficiency?

Quicker, cheaper methods exist if you can’t get a new chair straight away. A seat wedge can help keep your back straight while still ensuring comfort. If you’re in a tight spot, a rolled-up towel placed at the base of your spine can do the trick too!

22447566281_beee6c2057_zImage from Flickr

Good night: the effect of sleep

It can be difficult to judge the long-term comfort of a mattress. Lying on one for a few moments doesn’t usually reveal what it’s like to spend an entire night on it. In general, if you feel comfortable on one after testing it out, you should be okay. You should be able to feel the coils and springs of the mattress as little as possible.

Staying comfortable throughout sleep often has little to do with the mattress. The problem is usually sleep itself! Restless nights can disturb your ability to rest your back enough. The side effects of medication, tobacco and alcohol use – these can all disturb sleep. Irregular sleeping patterns will also have a negative impact. Try to keep a consistent sleeping pattern. You should also try to maintain a balanced diet, with less sugar and caffeine. All of this will help you get a deeper, healthier sleep!


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The Easy Way to Choose a Dermatologist

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Dermatologists are useful for lots of people. There are hundreds of skin conditions that dermatologists can help with. And you don’t have to be seeking treatment for a medical problem to benefit from seeing a skin doctor. They can also provide assistance with cosmetic issues, from minimizing wrinkles to getting rid of acne scars. If you need a dermatologist, you might not know where to start to look for one. Many people are unsure about what to look for when they need to find a doctor. This guide will take you through the things you need to think about to find the right doctor for you.

8477184942_83e21f24ff_zPic from Ted Eytan

Medical or Cosmetic?

The first thing you need to do is decide whether you need a general dermatologist or a cosmetic one. The former is a good place to go if you have a rash, questionable mole, dry skin, or other conditions. They can also help with skin-related issues, such as your hair starting to thin. A general dermatologist can give you help with non-medical issues too. For example, they can help with anti-aging formulas and wrinkle creams. However, you might be looking for a cosmetic dermatologist. They are more suited to dealing with scars, deep wrinkles, and other issues. If you go to Soine Dermatology & Aesthetics or somewhere similar, you will have the option of either medical or cosmetic treatment.

Read Profiles and History

The best way to start finding a dermatologist to suit you is to begin looking online. You can learn about the professionals who are available and their history. Have a look at their qualifications and their certification to make sure they’re legitimate. Start with the website for their practice to read what they say about themselves. You can check for certification from the American Board of Dermatology. They might be certified as a doctor, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they have the right specialty! You can also find out if there are any outstanding malpractice suits by searching for their name.

Check Out Reviews

The Internet also makes it easier to see what other people think of a doctor. You should be able to find reviews and recommendations. In fact, one way you might find a dermatologist is by getting a tip from a friend or family member. Looking at reviews online isn’t just for checking out the good things people have to say. Be aware of the negative reviews too, and the complaints that people might have. However, remember that one negative review doesn’t mean that the dermatologist isn’t right for you. Some people are picky while others have an isolated bad experience.

Make an Appointment

If you want to make an assessment of a particular doctor, book a consultation. You can go and speak to them and ask them any questions you need to. It’s a good idea to prepare a list of things you want to ask them. Try to have a relaxed chat with the dermatologist before going too far into what you need. Don’t be afraid to go with your gut if you don’t feel you can build a rapport with them.

You need to feel in safe hands with any doctor, including your dermatologist. Choose who you want to see carefully to make sure you get the right person.

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Five Problems You Should Be Addressing With Your Dog Right Now

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Dogs and humans go together like warm cookies and ice cream. The kind of bond we build with our canine companions can look very silly from the outside, but on the inside you know you have a friend for life. However, amidst all the cuddling and frolicking, it can be easy to dismiss some of the behavioural problems they have. What we might call their quirks could be a sign that we ought to take better care of our dog’s mental wellbeing as well as physical. If your dog is displaying traits you’re starting to grow worried about, keep reading and we’ll have them happy and well-behaved in no time.

afterwalk1Photo Link

1)  Make sure they have everything they need

Dogs need more than just pets, walkies and feeding. They need things like a kennel. As well as giving them a place to sleep, it gives them an independent space. There, they can learn that it’s okay to be alone, which is very important for their development. Make sure your dog has all the essentials so they’re living as healthy a life as they can at home.

Dog_walk_(14216129013)Photo Link

2)  Make sure they’re walked often

Of course, those walkies are important. As well as the exercise they get from it, dogs need that sense of stimulation, the experience of the outside world. Otherwise, they are very prone to getting restless. If your dog’s taking the time to tear apart the things in your home, this might just be why. Even if you can’t do it yourself, dog walking prevents destructiveness so arrange at least two walks a day.

dog-835679_1280Photo Link

3)  Keep them socialized

If dogs aren’t properly socialised, they can hostile to anyone and everyone but you. Not only is this bad for any guests you might have or other dogs you might encounter, but it’s a sign that the dog is becoming too dependent on you. Ensure you take the time to socialize your dog, because having friends is as important to their emotional health as it is for humans.

dog-691641_1280Photo Link

4)  How to deal with separation anxiety

The above problems can lead to or be symptoms of separation anxiety. No doubt you love your dog and want it to love you, too. However, if it becomes too dependent on its owner, it can result in severe anxiety. This stress not only has the dog suffering when you’re gone, but it can manifest physically. Dogs with separation anxiety can develop heart and lung defects as well as rashes. Learn more about separation anxiety and how to fight it, but begin by ensuring all your meetings and greetings with the dog are kept low key. If they feel over-excitement from you, they’ll emulate it, making it only more painful when you have to part again.

14478691823_95719713ff_zPhoto Link

5)  Maintain a schedule

A schedule is important for a dog to stay well-behaved. If they know when they’re supposed to be fed, when they’re supposed to be walked, the rest of the day can be spent relaxing or cuddling up to you. If they don’t have a schedule, their behaviour can be a lot more erratic and they can show real difficult obeying commands. Make sure your dog is kept on a tight, full schedule so they’re never restless or worried about missed meals or walks.

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Straighten Your Pearly Whites Without The Help Of Braces

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If you don’t have straight teeth, you may be considering getting them straightened. Most people in your position contemplate straightening their pearly whites because crooked teeth are not easy to the eye. And, let’s face it – you want the perfect Hollywood smile. Well, to get that smile you need to try and fix the teeth that God gave you. Luckily, there are plenty of options at your disposal to get the job done. You just have the pick the method that you prefer.

The Natural Method

Believe it or not, there is a way to straighten your teeth without any cosmetic enhancements. Don’t you believe that statement? Let’s take a closer look. If you put enough pressure on your teeth, they will move. For the most part, there is not enough pressure to change their location. But, there is if you breathe through your nose. When you breathe through your nose, you purse your lips over your teeth. Your lips, therefore, act as the pressure to align your teeth slowly back into place. If you don’t like the idea of braces or the like, this is something you can do at home.

A Retainer

Retainers are different to braces in the sense that they align the jaw and not the teeth. But, the teeth move into place as the jaw moves. So, by using a retainer, you can change the appearance of your teeth. The retainer is often a favorable alternative to braces because it is easy to remove and doesn’t need wearing all the time. In fact, wearing it while you sleep is enough to enhance your jawline and your teeth.



By far the most effective and the least invasive are braces. The metal from the braces pulls on the teeth over time, putting enough pressure on them to morph them into place. Braces are very effective, but they are also uncomfortable. The metal is not easy to eat with for one, and food often gets stuck in between the tracks. Plus, braces are not very good-looking, and they can be a source of teasing when young kids wear them. However, the result will set you up for life. For more info on braces, go to

An Aligner

What is an aligner? An aligner is a bit of a mix between braces and a retainer. They are called invisible braces because you cannot see them in your mouth. That is because they are clear plastic aligners that gradually pull the teeth into the right position. And, because they are invisible, they may be a better option for you if aesthetics is going to be a problem. Head to for more details.

Cosmetic Surgery

The last option is cosmetic surgery. Yes, cosmetic surgery is very effective and provides instant results. But, you do have to go under the knife so to speak, and that presents dangers. For example, you may have a reaction to the anesthetic while you are under. Plus, it is highly expensive. Still, if you are happy to take the risk and you have the money, there is no better option.

If you are looking for the perfect smile, the options above are your best choices.


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Simple Ideas For Raising Creative Children

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All children are creative at some point in their lives. However, as they get older, that creativity tends to get stifled. By the time they hit their teens, they will have a way of thinking that will remain that way for the rest of their lives. For families that want to give their children more options when they are older, this can cause a problem. It’s important, then, for parents to encourage creativity at a very early stage. Here are some ideas for people who want to raise imaginative, problem-solving, and creative children.

Feed them better food

Kids, in general, would rather chow down with a large cream cake than a plateful of steamed vegetables. And, that makes it tough for parents to encourage healthy eating all the time, especially if they are mixing childcare with work. Sure, there will be times when they need a treat. However, it’s vital to feed children with nutritious food, as much as humanly possible. A balanced diet, with minimal sugar and no unhealthy fats, will give them a lot more energy, and help them think more creatively.

Getting them to solve problems

Creativity isn’t just about making fancy pictures, writing fantastic stories, or playing an instrument. It’s also about problem-solving. So, the next time your child comes to you and asks you to fix something that has broken, show them how to fix it. It could be a TV remote or a ripped page from their favorite book – it just doesn’t matter. The point is they will get the encouragement they need to find out solutions to their problems without help. Parents should also try this when it comes to home repairs. Instead of calling someone out to fix the plumbing, they should try to be an example for their kids by doing it themselves. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t work, either, as it shows the young ones it is OK to fail.

Rewarding failure

When children fail, they can get incredibly upset. So, it’s important that they get praise, rather than admonishment for their failure. Another way to approach this is for parents to ask their kids what went wrong – and how they can improve things next time around. Once they see it is OK to fail, and how to ensure they do better next time, they will stick with the task at hand and come up with creative solutions.


Reward effort

Moving on from the last point, parents would do well to reward the efforts of their children, too. It can be easy to ignore the effort that children put into things. So, it’s important that they feel like it was worth all their concentration, regardless of the outcome. Creativity comes from learning new things, and if a child thinks that their effort isn’t recognized, they will be less likely to try it again. Parents should always reward for effort, and never for results. It will cause problems if they do. If for example, a child is highly intelligent and get their rewards for little effort – and will suffer as a result later on in life. Especially when the subject matter gets a little harder as they progress through school.


What better way to raise creative children than by parents creating with them? Whether it’s using LEGO or imaginative play, anyone that wants a creative child has to understand the need to get their hands dirty with them. Art and crafts are a great option, too, and it’s also possible to do things with children that might test them even more. For example, under supervision, young ones can even start to embrace activities such as sewing. There’s an excellent guide to what parents can expect over at Quilter’s Review. The sooner parents start pushing boundaries, the quicker their children will start to tackle anything. And, they will do so with relish as they grow older.


The imagination

While toys can be good for initiating playtime, the imagination is far more important to developing creativity. A large, empty box, for example, can become a boat, a spaceship, or a self-contained graffiti wall. A stick can become a sword or a horse. And, a parent’s t-shirt can become a long, flowing dress in the minds of a toddler. It’s important for parents to allow their kids to enjoy imaginative play, and to get involved, too. It’s easy for other distractions to take over – such as the cooking and the cleaning. But, joining in can have a positive impact on those children, just as much as a comfortable home or a good plate of food.

Questioning everything

Many parents out there find the constant questions from their children frustrating. A simple question from a toddler about why a flower is blue can often lead to an in-depth look at the quantum workings of the universe. Of course, all parents realize that this is a good thing. But, instead of answering their child’s questions, they should try making them do some of the work more often. A parent that asks their child questions, as well as answering them, will be giving them a great foundation for creative thought. Once kids understand the rewards of working something out for themselves, they will be more inclined to do it again.

Find things out together

These tough questions from children can often lead to parents struggling to know the answers. So, the best bet is to seek out those answers together. Modern parents are lucky to have access to the Internet – and it’s a valuable tool for teaching children to be more creative. However, it’s important for children to have other sources than the web, too. Introducing them to the local library, for example, can help them understand the value of such places. And, of course, it gets them used to the concept of research. Parents can also try to experiment when their kids ask them a question. For example, they might want to know why a bottle of soda is bad for their teeth. The parent can help the child set up the dirty coin experiment, and leave it overnight to see what happens.

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Next Vacation, Take Your Kids On An Adventure

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When you think about going on vacation with your children, your mind probably heads in the direction of the classic options. The word, Disney may pop into your head or perhaps, beach vacation? But why not try something different next vacation and take your family on a real adventure into the outdoors. By doing this you’ll find experiences completely unique to your family. I’m sure you’ll have a whole heap of fun together and if you’re not sure how to get started, I’ve got some tips.


Choose A Few Different Destinations

The brilliance of an adventure holiday is that you don’t have to spend two weeks in one place. After a week in the same place, your holiday does start to get boring. You begin to think about life back home and all the things that are waiting for you. You might even start to consider jotting down some notes for work and you don’t want that. Instead, you want to spend your entire vacation having fun with your family. If you choose a few different locations, you’ll be able to create a packed schedule that will keep you active and engaged.

Pick Some Fun Activities

The activities you pick for your family holiday depend on the locations you have chosen. But one example could be a day hiking. You will need to make sure children are old enough for this type of trekking. I wouldn’t recommend taking your children hiking unless they aren’t at least ten years old. An alternate possibility could be a fishing trip. Kids don’t need to be older to enjoy a fishing trip but it does require quite a lot of patience. You may not want to choose this activity if your children are easily bored.

Instead, you could take a more adventurous option like quad biking. Your kids are sure to love tearing it up on rough terrain as they race around an offroad track. But make sure you’ve got a change of clothes for this activity because you will get muddy.

Travelling In Style

I’m not the best camper in the world. That’s why, if I was taking my kid on an adventure holiday I probably wouldn’t do it with a tent. Instead I’d rent or buy an RV trailer. These trailers are perfect because they provide the home comforts people who don’t like roughing it, need. But they also give you the freedom you need to craft your own fun family vacation. Doing this you’ll definitely have a good time and it won’t cost you a fortune. These trailers are surprisingly budget friendly.

Get The Kids Involved

kids-campingImage Source

Finally, when planning your vacation it’s a good idea to get the kids involved. Ask them what they’d like to do on this holiday and you might be surprised by their intelligent ideas. If you take the time to ask I guarantee your kids will have a whole list of fun things to do. Granted they won’t all be winners but you can pick the ones that are most suitable.


I hope you find these tips useful and have a wonderful adventure vacation with your family.

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DIY 101: How To Replace An Exterior Front Door

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It’s no secret that the gateway or portal if you will to any home is the front door. Without a front door, our homes would get rather cold, and anyone could walk into our homes at random! The front doors of our homes come in all different styles, sizes and colours.

Over time, our front doors will become worn with the effects of constant use. What’s more; they will become draughty and offer little insulation for our abodes.

As you’re reading this, I will assume that you want to get a new front door for your home. But, can you replace it yourself? The answer is YES! Many keen DIYers have successfully learned how to hang a new front door to their properties. Here’s how you can do it too:

2289706_77575878Image Obtained From Geograph


Before you begin, it’s important that you have the right tools for the job! After all; the last thing you want to do is have a problem part-way through the fitting process! Preparation is key, so here is what you need at your disposal:

  • Mitre saw;
  • Caulk gun;
  • Spirit level bars (two-foot and four-one)
  • A pry bar; and
  • A reciprocating saw.


As with any DIY job, you also need some materials to carry out the replacement of your front door:

  • Timber for the sill (not always needed, but handy to have just in case);
  • Roll of flexible self-adhesive flashing;
  • A couple of tubes of decorator’s caulk;
  • A couple of cans of expanding foam; and
  • Zinc-coated nails and screws in various sizes.


housewife-882533_1280Image Obtained From Pixabay

Taking out the old door

To begin, you will need to remove your existing door. There are a couple of ways to approach this step. If you wish to reuse the door frame, all you need to do is unscrew the door from the hinge.

But, if your frame is rotten and in need of replacement, you’ll also have to pry that off as well. This is where your pry bar will come in handy!

You will also need to remove the lock from the door. What if it won’t fit well into your new door? You might need to call a locksmith to sort that out for you. Otherwise, they can install a new lock on the replacement door.

Setting up the new frame

If you’re reusing your existing frame, you can skip this step. Otherwise, what you’ll need to do is the following:

  • Prepare the sill (bottom) of your frame. Use some timber, expanding foam and a spirit level to make sure the sill is flat against the ground;
  • Install some self-adhesive flashing to protect the frame from weather damage;
  • Offer up and then install the frame to the sides and top of the door area using screws and nails where necessary;
  • Use expanding foam and caulk to cover up any small gaps. For larger gaps, you may also need to install some architrave.

Hanging the new door

Last, but not least, you will need to hang your new door. Be sure to make any adjustments using your mitre saw. Well done; you’ve just fitted your first front door!


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Travel Tips For Taking Kids Camping

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25441082_635f27ecef_z (1)Image Source Credit

Are you planning on taking a holiday with your kids this year. Rather than going abroad or overseas, you might instead be considering going camping. If that’s the case you need some advice on how to make sure the trip doesn’t turn into the holiday from hell. It can be great fun to go camping with kids, and it offers the brilliant the chance to bond with them. But you have to be careful about how you book your trip and make sure you understand how stressful camping with children can be. Here is some advice that is guaranteed to help you plan your camping trip.

Get The Supplies You Need

This isn’t about making sure you have food packed in the car. Although, thinking about it you should certainly make sure your car has a few snacks if it’s a long ride to the destination. But it’s also about making sure you have things that will make the trip easier. For instance, there’s no guarantee that the weather’s going to be bright the whole time you are on vacation. To account for this, you need to get some things packed that kids can do on rainy days. Colouring books and board games are the classic rainy day activities for the camping trip. As well as this you should remember to book medical supplies. Kids do get sick on a holiday, it happens. That’s why you should make sure you’ve got paracetamol and anything else you might need in your supplies.

Trailer Or Tent?

This isn’t a hard question, you should always opt for the trailer. The reason for this is simple. While you might love spending time with your children, you don’t want them overcrowding you. Remember, this is your holiday too and you want to be able to relax. A trailer RV will give you and your children some space away from each other. This is also helpful on those rainy days we mentioned further up. Your kids will be able to sit at one end of the trailer while you’re preparing dinner in the other. There is also the difficulty of setting up a tent in wet weather that you want to avoid at all costs.


You might think that when you choose to go camping with your children you can head off to whatever location you like. However, you should make sure that there are activities where you are going for children. If you have young children they may not be satisfied with the idea of spending a day hiking up a mountain. Or, heading out in a row boat to go fishing. Some children find these types of activities strenuous at best and painful at worst. It’s best to ask them what they want to do rather than try and force them to try something you think they should in door. Even if you are going camping, that doesn’t mean you can’t stop off and visit a local theme park.

Take this advice and you’ll have fun with your kids, camping this year.

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Monsters Unleashed: Dealing With Tween Puberty

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As the mom of two tweens, this article is especially timely as we’re in the throws of all this tween “stuff”. If you’re a tween parent I’m sure you’ll relate to some of this, too.

Check out Monsters Unleashed: Dealing With Tween Puberty

by Vee Prince at Mode

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