Attic Conversion Ideas: What Will You Do With The Extra Space?

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Lots of families choose to convert their attics every single year. It’s a wonderful method for adding more space to your home and increasing the value. However, you need to make a decision regarding what you plan to do with the new room. Some suggestions on this page should inspire you. Still, you don’t have to select any of the ideas mentioned here today. The purpose of this post is just to point you in the right direction. You should always consult your family and work out the best option together. Also, just bear in mind that you’re probably going to need at least $15,000 to complete the job to legal standards.

3778411093_99de330f34_zLink here

A home office

If any member of your family works from home, you might consider turning the attic into a functional office. There are many benefits to selecting that idea. Firstly, the person working in the room is not going to get disturbed by other individuals in the house. They can complete their tasks in privacy with virtual silence if they insulate the attic properly. Of course, you will have to pay electricians to run power into the new space. However, you’ll have to do that, regardless of your plans. You will also have to apply for planning permission in most instances whatever you decide to do.

A playroom for the kids

Maybe your children’s bedrooms are quite small, and you want them to have more space. Well, you might like the idea of turning your attic into a playroom for them. They can keep all their favorite toys and games up there. You could even install a large screen TV if your kids enjoy using their Sony PlayStation or XBox. Add some comfy sofas, and your little ones will have somewhere cool to invite their friends over for the weekend. You could even hang some disco lights from the ceiling if you want to use the space for birthday parties, etc. The possibilities are endless.

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A cinema or recording studio

If you’re quite an ambitious person, you might like the idea of turning your attic into a theater or recording studio. Individuals who do that will have to make sure their roof is 100% secure and leak-free. According to experts like Elevated Roofing, any damage to the tiles could result in significant issues in the future. The last thing you need is for all that expensive electrical equipment to break due to rainwater. You’ll also have to think about using superior insulation and soundproofing techniques if one of these ideas seems suitable. You’ll probably make a lot of noise up there, and you don’t want to disturb your neighbors.

Whatever you decide to do, the ideas in this article should have given you some inspiration. You can accomplish almost anything if you have the right levels of motivation and funding. So, now is the time to make a decision and create a plan. You should call professionals in advance to obtain some quotes so you can work out how much the job will cost. It’s also sensible to contact real estate agents and find out how much value the conversion could add to your property.

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Important Tips on How to Take Care of a Large Breed Dog

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Owning a dog is one thing but owning a big dog is an entirely different challenge. Not all canines are created equally and the largest dogs require a level of care that many owners find surprising and even a little intimidating.

Big Dogs Need Large Spaces

This tip seems like a no-brainer, but many owners underestimate the space required to raise a large breed dog. You don’t need a ten-acre farm, but a ten by ten patio is not going to cut it.  Big dogs need room to roam, or at least be able to run for short distances. Most are not the most graceful of athletes, especially when young, so make sure they have plenty of runway to get up to speed.

Many owners successfully raise large dogs in smaller spaces by taking advantage of public areas such as parks to make sure their pet gets the exercise it needs. Dog parks are the best option as they provide an off-leash environment and plenty of opportunity for socialization.

Size matters when raising a large dog. Everything for your dog should be appropriately sized. Otherwise, you won’t necessarily get the intended results. This includes dog beds, toys, leashes, and other accessories. It is especially important to properly size training aids such as dog muzzles to ensure your pet can learn new behaviors safely.

Large Dogs Respond Well to Positive Reinforcement Training

One mistake many owners make with large breeds is assuming their training must be more physical due to the size of the animal. This is not true. Large breeds tend to be very sensitive and may develop resentment when the trainer is too firm. A gentle touch and positive reinforcement will reap far greater rewards.

The most important component to training large breeds is early familiarity. When your dog is still a puppy, spend time just playfully wrestling and touching your pet’s paws, belly, and face. Acclimating your dog to being touched in these areas will make veterinarian and grooming visits much more pleasant for years to come.

Walking a large breed dog who pulls hard on the leash is not fun. Start your leash training early and be consistent in your expectations. Most dogs can be taught to heel by eighteen months if worked with on a weekly basis. Incorporate other basic skills into your regimen such as sitting and staying on command.  The result will be a much more pleasant and controlled experience when your dog is in public or confronting visitors to your home.

Health Concerns Specific to Large Breeds

Although they appear robust and powerful, many large breeds produce fragile animals with significant health problems. Most issues can be addressed through proper diet and exercise, but some contribute to the lack of longevity which plagues many of the largest types of dogs.

Bloat can occur in any breed, but it is more common with larger dogs. Bloat is an internal build-up of gas resulting in a distended stomach and abdomen.  Bloat is serious. It has been known to be fatal and strikes rapidly.

Bloat is caused by:

  • Overeating
  • Eating too fast and swallowing air
  • Strenuous exercise soon after eating

Most dogs that suffer from bloat are deep chested, more than seven years old, and have a history of bloat in their family. Bloat triggers also include anxiety and poor coping skills, poor diet, and reactions to certain medications.

Joint health is a major concern with large dogs.  Most big breeds are susceptible to issues with their joints including hip dysplasia. To prevent such problems from occurring, care must be taken with large breed dogs from the time they are puppies to prevent injury. Do not exercise your larger dog on hard surfaces until fully mature and do not encourage leaping from heights such as tables or pickup beds.

Big dogs also suffer from more instances of heart disease than smaller breeds. It is thought that almost 10% of all large dogs die from heart failure, particularly Canine Congestive Heart Failure. This is why it is of particular importance that large breeds remain at a healthy weight and exercise regularly.

What to Feed a Large Dog

A large breed dog is different than an obese dog. If you allow your large breed dog to become overweight, you are taking years off your pet’s life. Large breed dogs are susceptible to joint disease and heart problems.  Neither of these things is helped by obesity.

When a large breed dog is young, it will require a lot of calories. Large dogs grow quickly and eat massive amounts of food. But, soon enough this intake slows as the dog stops growing and becomes less active. Monitoring this change in metabolism is critical to maintaining the health of your dog.  Often owners fail to notice when their pet slows down and do not adjust their portions accordingly.

Once your dog is mature, the number of calories consumed will depend heavily on activity level. But, the quality of the food should not change. Dogs do best with food composed of natural protein sources with little filler. Once a dog begins to age, many quality dog foods carry a line designed specifically for older dogs which include supplements to promote continued joint health.

Exercise and Activity Will Keep Your Large Dog Healthy

Many large breed dogs do not receive enough exercise; as a result the quality and length of their life suffers. Large dogs need daily exercise to thrive.

As puppies, large dogs have a tremendous amount of energy. They will require several short walks every day. As your dog grows older, these needs will change. Walking once each day will suffice for exercise.  Elderly large dogs still benefit from daily exercise, despite their low activity levels. Even a short walk at a slow pace is better than no exercise.

Large dogs are amazing to own. They are capable of fierce loyalty and can be incredible companions.  But as with all breeds, large dogs have special needs due to their size and breeding history. Knowing what to expect and what to will arm you with the information you need to raise a healthy large dog you can enjoy for years to come.

Author Bio:

Anna Smith resides in beautiful Santa Monica, CA, where she works as a Pet Nutrition Expert in a leading retail pet store. She is responsible for nutritional strategies for different breeds and development of new products on the market in compliance with Association of American Feed Control Officials. Anna’s passions are education about proven methods and best practices in the industry and her dog Max, who is always well-fed. She also helps curate contents for


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Shake It Off: Dealing With Negative And Hurtful People As An Adult

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3446331915_0eeb938060_o (1)Flickr

When we’re children, we tend to think of grown-ups as being wise, clever and kind. Surely they all adhere to the same standards, live in similar houses and think the same way? As you get older, you tend to look at adults as children who grew up, and aren’t simply adults who are static in time. People grow and learn, and sometimes this means that they don’t turn out for the better. Sometimes, people have bad weeks or periods of sustained depression that have adverse effects on how they behave around people.

As an adult, the ‘bully’ phenomena doesn’t really go away. It’s likely you’ve seen some workplace bullying on your university course, in your place of work, or another environment. It could even occur in the school playground between parents while the schoolchildren are being taught the problems with bullying in class. People aren’t guaranteed to behave better with age. Your child might ask you: “How do you handle bullies, teasers and meanies?” You might feel at a loss for words when you realize that you don’t know how to deal with them yourself in your daily life. What does improve though, is how you might learn to deal with it.

This article will help you navigate the tough waters of being an adult, and coming into contact with the unscrupulous sort that we all encounter once in awhile.

Assess Your Friendship Group

The best part of being an adult is that you can cut fake friendships at the root, and this includes pretty much everyone who isn’t dedicated to supporting you, and you them when needs be. Of course, don’t cut out your friendship groups if they are critical of you in your best interests. A good friend isn’t afraid to call you out when you’re acting negatively or making a silly decision, but as a friend, they should make sure that they continue this discussion instead of just blanket blaming you.

Having a tight-knit group of friends allows you to weed out the negative people from your life, and become happier in your support network. As you get older, friends become much less about quantity and much more about quality – this extends to all aspects of the exchange. Having one, two or three friends solely isn’t something to be ashamed of, as long as you’re working to your best to sustain the relationship. If you genuinely enjoy hanging around each other, this should happen naturally. The best friendships are never forced.

Be Supportive

Support and be supported by the genuine links you have around you. Finding ‘your tribe’ and becoming close-knit with them will introduce you to more like-minded people and as a result increase your circle of friendship to the point where people you don’t gel with can be duly ignored.

Respect Yourself

If you encounter a negative or toxic person at work or anywhere else that forces you to experience repeat contact with them, respecting yourself enough to ignore their baiting is enough to help you show them that some boundaries cannot be crossed. Immediately acting in your best interests, and not the interests that will ‘appease’ the bully, will make the bully know that you are not to be trifled with. Bullies enjoy picking on the weak, and so if they know you aren’t weak, they’re unlikely to come for you.

Self-respect can be developed in some ways and requires constant work. Exercise, meditation, being competent in your responsibilities and keeping a strong, balanced perspective on life can make you feel much less inclined to feel weak around a potential bully who’s sole purpose is to look for weakness. If you’re a parent, remember, you’ve already done the hardest job a human being can do. What can this silly person at work do to you?

Hold yourself to the highest standard, and you’re sure to navigate the situation well.

Do What Makes You Happy

If you’re focused on the things in your life that you actually take enjoyment from, you’re much less likely to be worried about the people who come into your life to try and cause chaos. Usually, people who are unfulfilled are the prime targets for these people, because they know that they are easily manipulated. As a person who is steadfast in enjoying what they themselves want to experience, you’re much less likely to invite these people in your life, because they bring no value to it.


Ignoring is largely your best tactic. These people are looking for problems to feed off of, hurt feelings to extract and widen of their own accord. Remember, some people are actually wired this way. Sociopaths and psychopaths are both dysfunctional personality types that do exist, and depending on your chosen career, you might be more exposed to them than other people.

For example, the high flying stock markets and high executive positions in large corporations are usually playgrounds for psychopaths, because the rules of running a corporation demands a certain ruthlessness and singular vision. This doesn’t mean you should change careers to best avoid these people, but you should just be aware of the type of people you can come across and that you might have to deal with them more regularly than most people. Ignoring them is a good starting point.

Focus On Your Own Love

If you have sources of genuine love in your life, either from family members, a spouse, a boyfriend/girlfriend or any other form of love that’s not so easily defined, you’re much more likely to be defensive of your side of the exchange. This is because you are already getting all you need from other people.

Be Comfortable In Your Skin

Everyone has flaws, and everyone has insecurities. It is a normal part of being a human. However, having these insecurities turned against you is one of the major and preferred tactics of any bully. However, why should you let someone else define you? If they cross that line, let them know in no uncertain terms about it, and also let it go immediately.

Worrying about what someone who isn’t worth your time thinks of you is a fast way to accept what they say is true. Also, don’t waste your time in hate. If you do, they have won the entire exchange, because you are carrying that person with you, both mentally and emotionally. They will have already nested inside your psyche, and that’s the opposite of what they should be. Remember, if you don’t respect them, there is zero reason to think of them.

Accept The Flaws Of Other People

Noone is perfect. You have just been unfortunate to come into contact with someone who might have more flaws than those you have encountered in the past. But at the same time, try and look at it with a sort of ‘whole perspective.’ If there were no ‘nasty’ people in the world, you wouldn’t know you were nice. So in essence, you are intrinsically reliant on the bad people to understand your place in the world, and to define what you mean by ‘being a good person.’ Without this full spectrum of individuals, the world would be a less complete place.

Accept You Have Your Own Flaws

However, there’s no need for you to get all high and mighty about noticing the flaws in other people. Remember, you most likely have plenty to contend with yourself. No human being is perfect, and worrying about the flaws in another person can blind you to the flaws in yourself. In fact, it’s likely that in some point of your life, you have been hurtful to another person, and given them reason to doubt themselves, either indirectly or directly.

This is just part of being a human. Living a good life doesn’t come with its own instruction manual, and as a young child, teenager and adult the process of becoming a person means that you’re undoubtedly going to make mistakes at some point or another.

Stick Up For Yourself

The most important part of this list is condensed into this last heading. Stick up for yourself. Bullies are usually weak people. Strong people don’t bully. Bullies desire the path of least resistance. Remember, they are bullying to feel strong within themselves. If you let them know just how pathetic that attempt is through your action, they are much less likely to try their idiocy with you again. You’ll hear many tidbits of advice from all corners of the internet telling you to ‘turn the other cheek’ and to ‘forget about the whole thing,’ but if it’s a real, sustained bullying attempt taken on by a bully, then you have no other option but to approach the situation directly.

There’s no shame in sticking up for yourself. You just need to be wise about it. Fighting is NEVER encouraged, but a stern word is always effective. If you are in a situation in which you worry for your safety, immediately call the police, or let the relevant authorities at your workplace know about it.

Get as many people aware of the situation as you can, and don’t bury your head in the sand.

Remember, you never, never, never deserve to experience bullying, no matter how low your self-esteem might be that week. Always, always, always take action.

Teach all of these considerations to your children, and you will both be all the stronger for it.


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Why Your Windows Could Be Ruining Your Home Decor

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If you’ve looked at your home decor recently and wondered why it just isn’t looking the way it should, there are a number of issues that could be at play. However, most don’t consider that their windows could very well be the culprit that is ruining the look of their home. Here’s why!

Your Dressings Leave A Lot To Be Desired
Whether you use blinds or drapes is unimportant. If your dressings leave a lot to be desired, you can bet that your windows won’t do anything for your home decor. The right window dressings can brighten up a space and add personality. Make the most of them!

You Aren’t Taking Proper Care Of Them
Are you really looking after your windows? If you’re not cleaning them regularly and checking them over for issues, you could be in big trouble. Neglected windows can let water into your home and even allow mold to grow. This puts your family at risk!

They’re Not Letting Enough Light In
Natural light will make the home feel like a fresh, spacious place. It can also have many health benefits and make you feel more positive when at home as a result. This is why people can feel gloomier in winter – as they aren’t getting enough natural light! Take a look at your windows and figure out whether they’re letting enough light in. Some windows are more frame than glass. If you want more natural light, it may be time to invest in a new window. The infographic below can help you!

look at these Window Options

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Coping With an Elderly Loved One’s Declining Health

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Although it’s a subject that few people enjoy talking about, it’s never a bad idea to be prepared for when you’re finally placed in this difficult situation. Let’s face it, people get old every day and our health continues to decline. Eventually, you’re going to be tasked with the job of taking care of loved ones as they grow old and lose the ability to be independent. It’s a journey that takes a great amount of care and attention, filled with difficult times and depressing moments that no one wants to experience. Unfortunately, it’s part of our duty to take care of those that looked after us when we were young, but here are a few ways to help you cope with the difficult situation you’ve been put in.

grandma-2198060_640Image Credit

Take it one step at a time

As soon as you receive the news that an elderly loved one is suffering a debilitating condition, life can suddenly seize up and start moving in slow motion. There are a lot of things to consider and keep in mind and, as a result, you might find yourself overwhelmed with responsibilities. The most important thing to keep in mind is that declining health doesn’t happen all at once. There are probably signs that have lead to this revelation, and you need to detect these signs as early as possible so that you can start preparing for the inevitable. Don’t rush it and don’t do too many things at a time. Start small by helping your elderly loved ones perform basic tasks, and make sure you don’t completely strip them of their independence or else the shock could cause depression and other issues.

Seeking advice and help

Taking care of an elderly loved one shouldn’t be a burden on a single person. This article titled “Assisted Living Near Me – Pricing, Reviews, and More” is perfect for anyone looking for some assistance in taking care of their family members. You should always look for a carer if possible, or perhaps ask relatives and friends to help you. You can’t let the declining health of a family member affect your career or your lifestyle, and to prevent that you need to have reliable people in your corner ready to help. You need to support them both physically and also mentally. Emotional support is always welcome for those with declining health, and simply being in constant contact with people can do wonders for their state of mind, be it in person, over the phone or even through the internet.

Adjusting the home for their needs

If the loved one in question still has some independence, then you might be able to assist by installing handrails or stairlifts in the home to help them remain independent. Not only does this free up your own time, but it also gives them the confidence to continue living life how they see it. These can be costly, but it’s a small price to pay to give someone the motivation to continue being themselves. Offering someone their independence back is a wonderful gift, and if all it takes is a couple of handrails or devices in the home, then it’s worth every penny.

hands-981400_640Image Credit

Awareness goes a long way

Caring for someone with declining health comes with a lot of responsibility. For instance, you’ll need to learn about their condition and how to deal with any possible complications. You’ll need to remind them of their medication, you’ll have to take them to hospital occasionally and you might even get a call during work telling you that they’ve been rushed to a hospital. It’s a painful and stressful time, but as long as you’re aware of the possibilities that can happen and accept them, then you’ll feel far less stressed. Accept that your elderly loved ones will need assistance, accept you’ll have to spend many hours researching so that you understand their condition, and be ready to leave your friends or workplace in an instant to rush over and look after them.

Some final words

Taking care of an elderly loved one is difficult, especially if their health is rapidly declining. However, it’s important not to overburden yourself with responsibilities and learn to ask for help, be it from a professional carer or just a couple of friends. Make changes so they can remain independent, but make sure you’re not building your life around their complications. No one wants to feel like they’re holding back others with their problems, so don’t neglect to take care of your own health as well.

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Pet Peeves: Keeping Your Furry Friend Happy

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Much like having a child, deciding to have pets brings with it a lot of responsibility. No longer are you only responsible for your own well-being. Now, you also have another creature to look after. And, the work you have to put into them will often get in the way of other things that you love. But, it’s well worth it. The love and affection you will receive from your pet will be all they have to give. They will treat you like the greatest thing in their life. But, to get this sort of response from an animal, you have to give them the same thing back. To help you with this, this post will be going through some of the areas pet owners seldom consider. And, how you can use them to make your pet’s life better.

pexels-photo-132668(Image Link)

Imagine eating the same food for each and every meal. When you wake up, it’s the same thing as you had for dinner. And, your lunch is equally as boring. This is the life of a lot of pets. Unfortunately, a lot of pet owners don’t consider their pet’s need for variety in their food. Bigger pets, like cats and dogs, will get bored of their food very quickly. Of course, it can be hard to give them a different type of food for each meal. But, you can make some smaller steps towards bigger change. Finding cat and dog treats made locally is a great way to get healthy and tasty treats for your pets. Giving them a couple of treats each day will give them a lot more variety in their good. And, it gives you something to give them when they’re well behaved.

Along with their need for good food, your pets will also need some different kinds of attention. Most animals are much more emotional than you would expect. Cats, for instance, will often become depressed or frustrated when they are ignored too much. When you choose to have a pet, you also choose to dedicate a certain amount of your time to them. People often wonder why their pets are anti-social or hard to deal with. But, it’s often the case that the owner themselves is causing the issues, by not giving their pet what they need.

Finally, but, probably the most important issue to consider is your pet’s medical care. In a lot of cases, pet owners will miss the signs that their pets are sick or uncomfortable. But, this can lead to issues become much larger than they have to. Instead, you should be taking your pet to the vet for checkups on a regular basis. This sort of service will cost a little bit of money, but it’s worth it. Often, medical conditions will only get worse when they’re left unchecked. And, as your pets can’t tell you that they’re in pain or discomfort, it could be a very long time before you notice the issue.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start putting more effort into the time you give your pets. A lot of pet owners lose interest in their furry friends as they get older. But, this is unfair, as they still have to live with you. And, their need for these different things will stay the same.

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The Perfect Candidate: Helping Your Husband Prepare For A Job Interview

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Marriage Husband Wedding Engagement Man Groom

File Source

There are times in marriage when you have to set everything aside and focus on one big event. They don’t tend to come much bigger than a potentially lucrative job interview, something that could offer a passport to a better standard of life.

When you’re the one going through the interview, that’s difficult enough. You have to figure out how you’re going to impress your potential new boss, as well as how you’re going to handle the inevitable nerves. It’s a tough time, without a doubt.

However, it’s potentially even more nerve-wracking when it’s your husband that’s the one who’s up for a new job.

The same is true when the situations are reversed; he will probably feel more nervous when it’s you going through the job interview process. That’s a natural part of marriage; we want everything to go well for the other person. So we see them not only struggling with their own nerves, but trying to cope with our own as we just hate the idea of them not getting something that they want so much.

Rather than frothing yourself into a pit of anxiety, perhaps the most productive thing you can do is help your husband prepare for the interview. This preparation can take on many different forms, but it will at least give you something useful to focus on – and who knows, it might even make a difference between a standard rejection letter and an invitation for a second call…

Step One: Crises Of Confidence



File Source

The way that people present themselves in interviews has a tendency to make a difference on whether or not they are going to get the job. Not only do you want your man to look good, but you want them to feel as good and as confident as they possibly can. You should aim to help them deal with this on an emotional level with aids such as this guide to cultivating confidence from, but much of that confidence will come from feeling good and happy in their own skin.

So as well as helping and encouraging them to feel good about themselves on an emotional level, take the time to ensure their outfit and grooming is where it should be. If their formal suit is looking a bit worse for wear, it might be an idea to consider a new investment prior to the big day. It is, after all, an investment in their future.

Grooming matters here, too. If they are sporting facial hair, make sure it’s looking exactly as it should be with these beard care tips from Their hair should be freshly trimmed, their shoes polished, and their shirt crisp with starch. With the looks on point, they should stride into that interview brimming with confidence.

Step Two: Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse

Interview_-_HSG_TALENTS_ConferenceFile Source

Take some time to learn about the company and role that he has applied for, then do a few practice sessions for the interview with him. Don’t just cover the basics, either – go into depth, working from a list of sample job interview questions from This should let you identify any of his weaknesses so you can work on them together.

Don’t forget to make sure he has his answer to the most dreaded interview question of all: “what is your greatest weakness?”. He needs at least a couple of ideas for suggestions on what to say at this point; you can find some stellar suggestions at

Step Three: Be Calm

4300623468_a17044355b_zFile Source

Finally, perhaps the most vital part of all this preparation is that you should be as cool and calm as possible. If you feel nerves or apprehension, don’t show them. Don’t even mention the job interview in an offhand way, especially if you’re relaxing or having some much needed family time. He’s going to need a chance to take his mind off the upcoming interview, and it’ll do you good to do the same thing as well!

The night before the big day, keep things simple and calm in your household. There’s no need to be acting as if you are walking on eggshells, but just foster an atmosphere of a standard relaxed evening. Of course, if he wants to talk about the interview then you should go along with it, but otherwise, just ignore it and let him have some time with his own thoughts.

Then, all you can is cross your fingers and hope that there’s going to be a just reward for all the work have both put into the process!

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5 Rewarding Activities To Fill Your Spare Time With

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apple-camera-desk-officeImage Source

You can lose minutes, if not hours, to the internet. One click leads you on another adventure, and by the time you’ve shut off your screen, it’s full of the breeding habits of tapirs rather than the opening times of your local store that you had intended to find. It’s a bit of a vortex that we, as a race, seem to get trapped in – but a fun one at that. But instead of using it for information and social media, how about finding something that will be rewarding to you – either personally or financially – to help your day go a bit quicker?

Be My Eyes

Be My Eyes is an app that is downloaded straight to your phone. As a registered user, you will be on call to help those with poor or no vision to be able to live their lives. It could be something as simple as letting them know which colour blouse they’re picking out, or may take a bit more time such as  helping them find their keys to let themselves out of the house. It’s a lifeline to so many that are registered blind.


A couple of minutes each day entering sweepstakes at sites such as will only end in one of two results: nothing at all happening, or you walking away with dream prizes. There are people who have made their livings by entering any and all sweepstakes that are available to them, and at the end of the day, it’s something for nothing. All you have to do is enter your details and click a couple of times.

Friend Forums

There are communities set up for those who aren’t able to make friends easily in the outside world, or just who aren’t in the right state of mind to be able to do so. There are sites such as Friends In Need and certain Facebook groups which all have people on at any time of the day just looking for somebody to chat to. It doesn’t take much to say hello to somebody and ask them how they’re doing – you could be the only person that they’ve spoken to that day.


Surveys and online quizzes are now becoming more legitimate, and the market research companies behind them are desperate for users to fill them in. For most of the sites, such as, you get points for each survey that you take which then total up to an amount that you can exchange for cash, items or anything else that’s on offer.


If you know your way around a dictionary and are hot on your grammar and punctuation, you could offer your proofreading skills to those in need. College students and other professionals are always on the lookout for people who could read through their work and offer advice. If you want to lend a helping hand, you don’t have to charge for it – but it could become quite a lucrative little business for you if you decide to.


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4 Warning Signs Of A Mental Health Problem

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Mental illness affects 43.8 million Americans each year, with one in 25 adults living with a serious, long-term mental health problem. Often, when a person is suffering from mental illness, they don’t realize that anything is wrong. Whether they are becoming increasingly fearful of the outside world and hide away in their home or are beginning to have delusions, a lot of people with mental health problems think that their behavior is normal, and only realize once they’ve got treatment that they were unwell. This means that it’s often the loved ones of mental health patients who realize that something isn’t quite right.

With that in mind, the question is, how do you spot the fact that your loved one isn’t just in a bad mood and has a mental health problem? Often, it’s not a single change, people who are mentally ill tend to suffer from a range of behavioral changes. To help you determine if a loved one may have a mental health problem, below are four warning signs to take note of.

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  1. Constant anxiety and fear

Everyone gets worried and stressed from time to time, but if you notice that someone is anxious and fearful most of the time, often over silly things, this could be a sign that there is a problem. If the person has panic attacks, struggles to breathe normally, and feels physically unwell because of their anxiety or the fear that they feel, this isn’t normal behavior and should be taken note of and reported to a doctor.

  1. Emotional outbursts and mood swings

It’s normal to go through different emotions each day, but it’s not normal to have constant mood swings or emotional outbursts. If you notice someone having extreme outbursts and going from one emotion to another quickly, this can be a sign that they have an underlying mental health problem and need professional help. Mood swings are a common sign that something isn’t quite right with a person’s mental health.

  1. Seeing things that aren’t there

Another symptom of a mental health problem is seeing things that aren’t there. For instance, a lot of sufferers of schizophrenia have delusions about situations that don’t exist. Of course, that tends to be in more severe cases, with the symptoms for mild cases being much more subtle, as explains. Delusions are symptoms of some mental health problems, but they are often a severe one, so it’s more likely that the symptoms will be more subtle. However, in cases where a condition is bad, delusions may be a symptom.

  1. Becoming withdrawn

Everyone needs some quiet time every now and then, but withdrawing from life completely is a sign that something isn’t right. If you notice that a loved one has become withdrawn, this could be a sign that they are suffering from a mental health problem. If you notice that a friend or relative is isolating themselves, they may have depression, bipolar, or another psychiatric disorder, so it could be worth having them assessed by a mental health specialist.

These are just some of the most common signs that a loved one is suffering from a mental health problem – there are various other signs and symptoms as well, but these are the most likely ones to occur.


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Got A Business Idea? Don’t Let These Qualms Hold You Back!

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There are countless people out there who have heads bursting with great business ideas, but have various factors that hold them back from pursuing them. There’s a fair chance that you’re one of them! With some things, like family obligations and major financial constraints, there’s simply no way around them. However, it’s often fears and qualms that are the main thing between you and your dreams. Here are a few common ones you may be experiencing.


We’ll start with the most common, and in some ways, the most rational of all the fears that can hold someone back from starting a business. Imagine putting nearly everything you have – your time, your money and your dreams, into starting a business, and then seeing the venture take a nosedive and leave you with nothing. This certainly isn’t an irrational fear – only around half of businesses survive their first five years of trading, and after that an even smaller proportion will survive the next five. Some entrepreneurs get around this fear by redefining what they think of success. If a decent pay rate, the promise of promotions and financial security pale in comparison to being your own boss and seeing your dreams become a reality, then business failure seems much less ominous. Remember, whatever odds are stacked against you, you’ll never know until you try!

A Lack of Professionalism

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One of the biggest barriers that holds people back from success is that they feel they have a lack of professionalism compared to other business owners out there. You may be all too familiar with that little voice in your head, telling you that no one would take you seriously as a CEO if they knew what you were really like, and you simply don’t have the knowledge and experience a business owner needs. Yes, there are services like Wix that have made it so much easier to set up a website, and all the cool free stuff you can get with Vista Prints. However, a business is only as good as the people running it, right? While knowledge of a certain industry can certainly help, the only way to become an effective business owner is to learn through experience. The important thing is thinking before you act, going out of your way to expand your knowledge of your chosen market, and always learning from your mistakes.

Falling into Poverty

Another perfectly understandable fear, though one that it still pays to examine. Many of us have had hard times with money in the past, and if you’ve managed to hold down a decent job for a while, why let a good thing go, right? In many cases, this fear can be borne on an irrational “scarcity mindset”. This is basically thinking that you have to cling onto the few financial wins in your life, or risk losing absolutely everything. Yes, there’s some assurance in sticking to what you know, but it’s also a great way of holding yourself back, and never realizing your potential! There are risks in every business, and you eventually need to put a price on your dreams.


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