Attic Conversion Ideas: What Will You Do With The Extra Space?

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Lots of families choose to convert their attics every single year. It’s a wonderful method for adding more space to your home and increasing the value. However, you need to make a decision regarding what you plan to do with the new room. Some suggestions on this page should inspire you. Still, you don’t have to select any of the ideas mentioned here today. The purpose of this post is just to point you in the right direction. You should always consult your family and work out the best option together. Also, just bear in mind that you’re probably going to need at least $15,000 to complete the job to legal standards.

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A home office

If any member of your family works from home, you might consider turning the attic into a functional office. There are many benefits to selecting that idea. Firstly, the person working in the room is not going to get disturbed by other individuals in the house. They can complete their tasks in privacy with virtual silence if they insulate the attic properly. Of course, you will have to pay electricians to run power into the new space. However, you’ll have to do that, regardless of your plans. You will also have to apply for planning permission in most instances whatever you decide to do.

A playroom for the kids

Maybe your children’s bedrooms are quite small, and you want them to have more space. Well, you might like the idea of turning your attic into a playroom for them. They can keep all their favorite toys and games up there. You could even install a large screen TV if your kids enjoy using their Sony PlayStation or XBox. Add some comfy sofas, and your little ones will have somewhere cool to invite their friends over for the weekend. You could even hang some disco lights from the ceiling if you want to use the space for birthday parties, etc. The possibilities are endless.

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A cinema or recording studio

If you’re quite an ambitious person, you might like the idea of turning your attic into a theater or recording studio. Individuals who do that will have to make sure their roof is 100% secure and leak-free. According to experts like Elevated Roofing, any damage to the tiles could result in significant issues in the future. The last thing you need is for all that expensive electrical equipment to break due to rainwater. You’ll also have to think about using superior insulation and soundproofing techniques if one of these ideas seems suitable. You’ll probably make a lot of noise up there, and you don’t want to disturb your neighbors.

Whatever you decide to do, the ideas in this article should have given you some inspiration. You can accomplish almost anything if you have the right levels of motivation and funding. So, now is the time to make a decision and create a plan. You should call professionals in advance to obtain some quotes so you can work out how much the job will cost. It’s also sensible to contact real estate agents and find out how much value the conversion could add to your property.

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