Are Your Appliances Making Noise?

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If you’ve suddenly noticed that your home appliances are making more noise than they usually do, it could be down to a number of things. Maybe some dust has gotten into the mechanics, or maybe you need a small repair doing. Maybe your appliance is on its way out for good.

Whatever you think the reason may be, it’s important not to just shrug it off and let it continue. The fact is, the more noise in your household, the more unhealthy you can become. Noise levels in the home are linked to things like increased blood pressure and heart disease. Many homes have noise levels over 55 decibels, which can be compared to a noisy office environment.

Along with increased blood pressure and heart disease, you can experience interrupted sleep and increased stress levels. Some of the worst appliances for this include washing machines, extractor fans, and HVAC machines. However, it can happen to just about any of your household appliances.

Two in high people currently suffer with high stress levels. If you are considering an open plan home, then this could seriously affect you too in the future! You’ll probably never be able to achieve a completely silent home, but keeping your home well maintained is a good idea. Make sure you check over your appliances regularly, and pay attention if they start making more noise than usual. The following infographic can help you decide whether your HVAC needs to be replaced!

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