Affordable And Effective Ways To Make Your Home Healthier

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t the minute, there is a fashion to try and make every home as environmentally friendly as possible. It seems that every homeowner you come across is trying to figure out ways of going ‘green’. Although saving the planet is important – no one is disputing that fact – there are even more important factors we tend to forget.

Like what? Like making your home healthier and safer for a start. Your home might seem like the healthiest property on the planet, but there are always factors, some you don’t even know exist. Have a look at some of the ways you can make your home, and the people who are living in it, healthier.

Have An Autumn Clean

Dust and dirt are just messy. It is also a health risk. The buildup of dust, in particular, can get into your body and make you sick. At first, it might just be allergies that cause you to sneeze. But, after a while, it can make you feel ill all the time. The air you breathe is important as it will reflect how you feel. If the air is stale and stuffy, you will feel that way, too. All it takes is a daily ten-minute clean, and your home will be dirt free.

Kick Bad Habits

The habit that a lot of people have is smoking. For starters, it is a terrible habit that you should try and quit. However, trying to quit in a house that smells of smoke isn’t as it is a constant reminder. More importantly, smoke can affect other people. If you smoke at home and don’t live alone, you are putting your housemates’ lives at risk also.

Create An Air Flow

Properties that don’t get enough air are more likely to experience problems with mold. Have you ever experienced mold before? Yes? No? Regardless of the answer, you don’t want to experience it at all if you can help it. Not only is it impossible to get rid of, but it also causes illnesses. Quite simply, mold turns your home into an infected zone. Try clearing up any damp spots too, because mold grows in damp, dark conditions.

Purify The Water

It is amazing how many homes’ water supply is contaminated. Now, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t safe to drink. But, it does mean that it isn’t one hundred percent clean. Parasites and harmful bacteria can infect the water supply in your home and make you ill if you drink enough of the water. Although it might never happen, it is too much of a risk for some people. If you are one of those people, you should install a water purification system or a filter.

Test Your Home

Homes are not always as safe as they seem. Back in the 80s, houses used to be full of asbestos. Now, you know that is dangerous, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t others. Lead paint is a big one because you never check the ingredients before you buy paint. You check the colour and price and then coat your walls.

A simple examination will let you know whether you need to make changes, or whether you home is up to standard.

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