Adding a Bit of Extra Comfort to Your Bedroom

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If your bedroom isn’t comfortable, then you have a big problem. If there’s one thing your bedroom should be, it’s comfortable. Here’s how you can change things by adding a little extra comfort.

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Improve On Your Bed

The bed is not only the centerpiece of the room but also your main source of comfort! There’s nothing worse than climbing into bed at night if it’s lumpy and uncomfortable to lie in. If your mattress is old, it’s probably a good time to replace it with a new, modern one. I have a waterbed in my bedroom – you can browse at if you want one too. They’re great at supporting your body and moulding to its shape.

Your sheets are just important as the mattress if you ask me. They need to be as soft as possible as they’ll be making contact with your skin every night when you get into bed. If you want to really splash out, you should buy Egyptian cotton sheets. They’re truly the softest and most comfortable sheets you’ll find on the market. They’re the high water mark of bed sheets.

Make it Warmer

It’s impossible to feel relaxed in a bedroom that’s always cold and drafty. I had this problem for a while. I realised that it was because the window was in poor condition and needed replacing. In the end, I had it removed, and a double-glazed window was fitted by a professional. The room is now much better at keeping the heat inside and the cold outside, so think about whether this is something that could help you.

That’s not the only way in which you can warm your bedroom up a bit though. Your overall loft and cavity wall insulation should be checked and improved if heat is escaping from your home in that way too. To give you an even greater level of warmth and comfort, you should consider investing in an electric blanket. They are great during the winter when the nights are freezing; I have one of my own, and I love it.

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Add a Chair and Take Away Distractions

A huge chair that you can kick back in and relax away from the rest of the household is an essential in the bedroom. Most people don’t do this; they place their armchairs in the living room. But everyone in the family has access to the living room. Your bedroom should be a tranquil place that belongs to you and your partner – not the children. Find something that’s comfortable and allows you to sink into it at the end of a long day at work.

You’ll probably only get to relax in it for ten minutes before something comes up that demands your attention. But at least they’ll be an incredibly comfortable ten minutes! Making your room comfortable isn’t all about physical comfort though. It’s also about creating an atmospheric and relaxed environment. You can do this by taking away distractions like electronics. Make it a haven of tranquility complete with candles.

Making your bedroom comfortable should be your top priority, so put these top tips into practice as soon as possible.

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