Add More Protein To Your Diet In 5 Easy Steps

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Protein is key for a healthy and nutritious diet. Your body uses it in a number of different ways. Thought of as the building blocks of life, protein helps our body repair itself and grow. So it is vital to get plenty in your everyday diet. It also helps us stay fuller for longer, so eating protein will prevent you snacking throughout the day. It’s super easy to increase your daily intake of protein. Here are five ways.



Meat has a very high level of protein. Humans function best when getting protein from both plant sources and meat, so eating meat is very important. Red meat has a high protein content, however, can be quite fatty. So it is best to stay away from red meat if you are trying to lose weight. If you are watching your calorie intake, stick to white meats, especially poultry. Chicken and turkey are very lean meats but still contain a good amount of proteins.

Pulses, Beans, and Lentils

Don’t worry if you are a vegetarian or vegan. There are still plenty of ways to get your protein! One of the best sources is pulses, beans, and lentils. Lentils are particularly good as they are considered a superfood and have a lot of other health benefits. In summer, you can enjoy these tasty ingredients in salads. During winter, add them to hearty stews.

Protein Shakes

If you are working out a lot, one fantastic way to sneak extra protein into your diet is through protein shakes. Protein shakes come in a variety of different flavors, so you’re bound to find one you enjoy. Most gym bunnies enjoy them as a post-workout treat. If you’d prefer, there are also a number of protein-enriched hot chocolates in shops as well. You can buy Milo chocolate drinks online at


Many forms of dairy are excellent sources of protein. Especially milk, eggs, and yogurts. Not only that but they are also packed full of calcium, which can help strengthen bones. It is very easy to incorporate dairy into your diet. Start your day off with eggs for breakfast and enjoy a yogurt after dinner. You can drink milk on its own or enjoy it in tea.


Not only is fish high in proteins, but it is also packed full of Omega 3 oils and fatty acids that are fabulous for keeping skin soft and supple. Salmon may be a fatty fish, but it is possibly the best fish for nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Though every kind of fish is extremely beneficial. For a leaner fish fillet, opt for cod or haddock. It is best to cook fish in the oven, as frying it can add a lot of unhealthy fats to your meal. You can also enjoy it added to fish pies or curries.

There are many other fantastic sources of protein out there. And there are a plethora of inventive ways you can add them to your meals! Just search online for a whole load more great ideas!


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