A Wonderful Guide On Using Lighting To Improve Any Room

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I spend a lot of time working on the interior design of my house. Over time, I began to notice that there was one small thing that made a difference in every room. I’d find that my rooms were decorated perfectly but were still missing something. It was then I realised the lighting wasn’t up to scratch. Rooms were either too dim or had bad lighting, it ruined them. So, I’ve come up with some tips to help you play around with the lighting in your home and leave your rooms looking gorgeous.

indoor-768760_1280(Image: https://goo.gl/DWg8hT)

Dimmer Switch

There’s a simple thing you can do to play around with the lighting in any room. Instead of having typical on/off switches, have a dimmer switch instead. You’ll be able to control the brightness of the room and set it to what you like. When you need it to be bright, you can turn it up to full power. But, if you want some dim lighting, just turn it down a little bit. It’s really good for setting different moods. I think dimmer switches are perfect for certain rooms, but not in others. For example, they’d be great in your lounge, bedroom or bathroom. But, you won’t really need one for a dining room or kitchen. Those are the rooms you need to be bright at all times so you can see what you’re doing.


One easy tip to help light a room is to use some lamps. You may find that there’s only one ceiling light in a big room, and it’s not very effective. So, some tall lamps can be a great benefit to you. You can put them on tables or desks to light up smaller areas of the room. Or, use floor lamps for a modern style in the room of your choosing. When you combine lamps with other lighting, you find the room is wholeheartedly improved. It will no longer be dim or dark, it’s bright and full of life.

night-table-lamp-843461_1280(Image Source: https://goo.gl/ubasCC)

Fairy Lights

I love using fairy lights to create nice lighting in the home. I hang them up on wall units and shelves in my living room. Then, when the lights are off, I keep the fairy lights turned on to create an epic atmosphere. It seems so peaceful and calming; it really makes a difference. Or, I have them on with my main light, creating a brighter room. You can also use fairy lights in your bedroom or bathroom to create awesome mood lighting too.


Don’t forget that one of the best sources of light, in the home, are the windows. The whole point of a window is to let natural light into your home. During the day, you want your house to see as much natural light as possible. Don’t have your curtains drawn! I like to have big windows in rooms like the kitchen and dining room. I think it’s especially important your kitchen sees lots of natural light. It will improve the way it looks and working in a naturally lit kitchen is so much better. You could also consider installing skylights in some of the upstairs rooms to get more natural light in.

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