A Winter Ready Wardrobe In 4 Easy Steps

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If your mind is turning towards cozy jumpers and knee high boots, then you’re probably getting ready to plan your winter wardrobe for this year. The problem is when it’s time to update their wardrobe, too many people just go out with a wallet full of cash and buy things that look nice on the rack. Getting a successful wardrobe takes a bit more planning than that. So read on for a step by step guide to getting your winter closet ready.


First of all, you need to plan your closet. Your wardrobe shouldn’t just be a mish mash of random items of clothing that you hope will look ok combined with one another. In fact, you should put some serious thought into what you will need for certain occasions and what pieces will compliment each other.

A good rule of thumb when buying new pieces is to check that they will go with at least two other items you have in your closet. If not then, they are probably not the best investment, and you should leave them on the rack.


Next, you need to take a look at what you already have that can be used for the upcoming season. Things like winter coats will last for more than one winter season, so make sure you get them out of storage and have them dry-cleaned for use.

You’ll probably have other items like a favorite pair of jeans or black trousers that can be paired with this season’s looks to update them. At this point, it’s worth checking that they fit and are in good condition. There is nothing worse than basing an outfit around an item to realize it has an unremovable stain or hole it in.


So the styling part of your wardrobe prep is where you get to have some fun. It’s here that you combine the items you have from previous seasons with the new things that you have seen in the stores.

It’s best to pick colors that are current but also go with your skin tone. For example, while rust is popular this FW 16, it won’t suit those with a coolers skin as much as those with a warmer skin tone.

rk5161-1636868_640Picture link

This is also the point to look at this seasons shapes and cuts. The style of something, as well as the color, can show your fashion knowledge. So make sure to check out the top fashion magazine trend reviews before purchasing anything.


The next stage is to purchase the items that you have chosen to update your winter wardrobe.

Shopping Online is the best for this for two reasons. First, you can make significant savings on clothes and footwear internet shopping. Once you have found the item, you are looking for, make sure to check for a way to get a discount off the original price like this Payless coupon.

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Second, remember that you will need to try on each item with the thing to check that you already have to check that they go. This is why it is such a good idea to shop on the internet. Then you can have everything delivered to try on, in one go.


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