A Picture Perfect Day: Overcoming 7 Common Wedding Day Problems

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There’ll be few days more important in your lifetime than your wedding day. This is when you declare your everlasting love for your partner before all your friends and family and get to enjoy a proper knees-up party with you and your wife/husband at the centre of attention. However, while we can cross our fingers and hope for the best that the day will go off as planned, it’s always worth remembering that the course of love never did run smooth. Below, we take a look at seven common wedding problems – and how you can overcome them.

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Second Thoughts

The anxiety of the wedding can cause people to have second thoughts about the entire marriage, which in turn causes more stress! However, there’s a big difference between last minute jitters and having genuine second thoughts. You’ll have been planning your special day for months; it’s normal that, as the day approaches, you’re beginning to think more and more about whether it’s all worth it. If you’ve made it to the run up to the wedding without having doubts about your choice of partner, then it’s all because of the stress of the day. Once the day begins, all those anxieties will melt away.

Rainy Days

There aren’t too many picture perfect wedding days that have a backdrop of rain. But unfortunately, the weather is indifferent to your hopes and dreams for your wedding day, and everything else, for that matter. If you wake up and there are dark clouds gathering overhead, then make sure you have a Plan B for your reception if it’s due to take place outside. A gazebo that makes sure the dance floor isn’t affected by the weather will change everything, and umbrellas can make an awesome prop! For everything else, it’s all about having a devil may care attitude: the rain will not dampen the romance of the day.

Looking Your Best

Yes, we know that the day is about declaring your love for your partner…but it’s also about looking your absolute best for those all important wedding photos. Alas, a bad hair day, dental injury, or last minute dress issue can compromise your confidence to look great in the photographs. Be prepared. With a list of local dentists that provides emergency dental care and the phone number of a hairdresser, you can make sure you can rectify any last minute problems before a single photo has been snapped. A ‘dress emergency kit’ that has the supplies you need to sew any clothing problems or remove stains will also give you peace of mind that you’ll look your best.  

Ready to Dance

People getting married – brides in particular – stress about how well their shoes are going to match their outfit, forgetting that they also need to ensure they’re comfortable! You’ll be on your feet more or less all day: during the ceremony, meeting guests, and then when you’re throwing out those awesome dance moves. Have a backup pair of shoes, one that you know you can stand in for hours on end, in your bag at the wedding.

Confused Guests

You’ll know exactly how the day is going to go, but your guests? There’ll only have a vague idea. What might be obvious to you will be a mystery to your guests, so make sure everyone knows the running order of the day. Letting them know when the caterers will be serving dinner and speeches will be made will ensure nobody has to miss the important parts of the day – and will make for an all-around more cohesive day.

Waiting Guests

And talking of guests, let’s not keep them waiting. In the history of weddings, there has never been a bride who has arrived on time. Account for this lost time in your planning. If things are getting out of hand, have a group of people you can call to take care of the details that you won’t have time for.

Too Much of a Party

Now, for most people, the highlight of any wedding is the party. Unfortunately, people get so excited about the party that they sometimes lose a bit of self-control and indulge themselves a bit too much. In the wrong hands, an open bar can be a very dangerous thing! You don’t want to monitor how much people drink, but have a trusted friend or family member make sure things stay respectable.

You can’t account for every wedding problem, but there’s a solution for most everything if you anticipate what might go wrong in advance.


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