A New Kind of Christmas Movie to Check Out! 3 Fun Christmas Movies to Watch With Your Family!

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Nothing gets me more in the mood for Christmas like a great Christmas movie! This year we added a few more classics to the collection. Let me tell you about 3 of my favorites this year. They are kind of non-traditional, so maybe that’s why they seem so exciting.

First is “Chilly Christmas

Super cute movie about a boy and his best friend, his dog Chilly Christmas. He received him as a gift from his dad, but little did they know they were up for some major challenges to stay together. Apartment training, mischievous puppy, and dognapping just to name a couple. A great movie that shows you with a little bit of team work, and a lot of love in your heart you can accomplish anything! Much different from the usual snowy Christmas, as this movie takes place on the beach in sunny California.

Next on my list of favorites is “The Dog Who Saved The Holidays

Perfect family movie and all animal lovers! Super cute movie about family, Christmas and THIEVES… Nothing like talking dogs to warm your heart and save the day! This movie is jammed packed full of action and surprise to keep you on your toes, while wondering what is going to happen next. In the end; a family that works together always comes out on top. “The Dog That Saved The Holidays” has all of my favorite things. Family, traditions, and holiday spirit.

And last on my list is “Elf Man

This movie is all about a new kind of hero, and just like the title says it’s Elf Man! With a kidnapped dad, 2 kids are left to figure out how to save him from trouble. With a little help from Santa and one elf who never really knew his full potential they work out a plan to save the day. This is a super cute, never a dull moment kind of movie. Full of twist and turns you really never know what could happen. This is why it is now a must watch on my Christmas movie list.

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