A Guide to Making Your Clothes Last Longer

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Clothes get more and more expensive every year. Buying them can be a huge expense and make a dent in your bank balance. That’s why it’s important you try to make them last as long as possible. Making clothes last is the key to saving your money and getting value out of the clothes you buy. These tips will help you:

Store Them Correctly

Most people don’t realise that they don’t store their clothes correctly. Hanging them up in your wardrobe is OK, but for expensive pieces, you should invest in proper bags for them. This will stop the material from being affected by other materials, moths, and anything else that could change the color or the feel of it. Try not to have your very own floordrobe where your clothes get trampled on all over the floor.

Always Follow the Washing Instructions

Each item you buy will come with washing instructions. Make sure you follow them to the letter! If something is dry clean only, make sure you get it dry cleaned. You can even get dry cleaner delivery these days, so you have no excuse. It’ll only be your own fault if something changes shape or color because you didn’t stick to the instructions.

Use a Good Iron and Cleaning Products

Using a good iron and cleaning products will stop your clothes from wearing too much. Make sure you follow the instructions on all of the packaging to get the best results. Research the best products and follow instructions to the letter.

Learn a Few Basic Sewing Tricks

By learning a few basic sewing tricks, you can easily sew on old buttons and conceal any holes. This will add years of life onto clothes that you love and you won’t need to worry about replacing them. You may even be able to make an old item look like a brand new item, and reinvent your style!


Invest in Protective Products

Protective products can be the key to looking after clothes made from things like suede and leather. When you’ve invested in a quality leather jacket or suede boots, you need to invest in their care too. Applying protective products fairly regularly could help you to keep these products for many more years. It can make an old pair of boots look shiny and new again. Just make sure that the item you’re planning on treating is suitable first. You might end up with a nasty surprise if you don’t!

Be Careful in Them

It goes without saying that you should be very careful when you wear your clothes. Don’t wear an expensive outfit to go out and get blind drunk. Be mindful of where you’re sitting and the things you’re touching.

You can make your clothes last longer if you make sure you use these tips. What’s the point in spending hundreds on new clothes, only to neglect them? You can make them last so much longer, and even make them look brand new again with some of these tips. Come back for more great tips soon!

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