A Guide to Fundraising to get Amazing Results

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Fundraising is a brilliant way to raise money for something close to your heart. It’s also an opportunity to challenge yourself and perhaps do something that you would never have done otherwise. Everybody who sets out with a fundraising project would of course like to get amazing results, but how do you ensure the ultimate success? Use this guide to help you!

Recruit More Volunteers

The more volunteers you have to help you, the more money you’ll make. If somebody would like to get in on a sponsored bungee jump or bake sale, then let them. They’ll attract more people, and your charity will thank you for it. Don’t be too precious about what you’re doing and remember why you’re raising cash in the first place!

Make Sure What You’re Doing is Legal

Before you start anything, make sure what you’re doing is legal. You can’t go far wrong with bake sales and the like, but you need to be careful that you aren’t violating any rules, regulations, or complicated jargon that I won’t repeat here to avoid boring you. When you think you’ve decided what to do, do a lot of research to get ideas and ensure that your idea is legal.

Team Up With a Large Company

By teaming up with a large company, you can get way more exposure than you would on your own. People will also be more likely to trust you, as this big name is backing you up. See if any large companies would like to get involved. You could even consider local companies in your area. Plan an elevator pitch before you approach them designed to impress, so you have the best chance of getting them on board. Think Dragon’s Den!

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Get Kids Involved

Kids love to help, so get them involved. People can’t say no to them either, which will help you when racking up the sponsors. Take a look at some sample donation request letters to get an idea of what to give the kids before you send them off to get sponsors.

Get Active

Getting active is one of the most popular ways to raise money. You could try your hand at white water rafting, for example. You could even try something a little tamer, like going on a bike ride. Whatever you decide, you can keep fit while doing something for a good cause. You could even do a sponsored weight loss challenge if you’re overweight. It’d be the perfect motivation to stick at it!

Get Arty

Show off your creative talent and encourage others to do the same by holding an arts and crafts fair. You should attract lots of people, and it’ll be beneficial for the entire community as well as your charity. You could even simply make jewelry and sell it to give the profits to your charity – it doesn’t need to be a huge event!

Have a Bad Hair Day

Suggest a bad hair day to your boss at work. The aim is to make your hair look as funny, scary, or ridiculous as possible. This will make it less painful when people hand over their cash to you…they’ll be too busy laughing at all of the insane hairstyles!

Have a Talent Contest

Host a talent contest at work or at a school. Everybody will have fun, and you might even find an upcoming star! Let anybody show off their skill, even those who want to burp the alphabet. This probably isn’t going to be aired on TV, so don’t worry!

Put Your Cooking Skills to the Test

Try cooking some tasty baked goods and selling them. You could attend car boot sales, school fayres, or even go and knock your neighbour’s doors. I only advise doing this if your skills are up to scratch, though! I once bought lemon cake for charity that was hard to chew…I think they’d been selling it for a while.

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