7 Ways To Save Money On Your Pet

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Pets can chew through your money if you’re not careful. Whilst there are certain pet ownership costs that cannot be avoided, others can be reduced. Here are just a few ways to spend less on your pet.

Bulk buy food

Pet food can be one of the biggest expenses of owning a pet, but you can usually save money by bulk buying food. Online wholesalers can often have large bags of dry food that are proportionately much cheaper than constantly topping up your supply with small bags.

Do your own grooming

Grooming services can cost a lot of money. By watching Youtube videos, you can easily learn to groom your own pet. With dogs, this includes combing out lose hair, clipping their nails and brushing their teeth. You can buy dog grooming kits online at sites like https://www.aldi.co.uk/pet-collection-grooming-kit/p/096168198011700.

Create DIY toys

You don’t need to shell out on new toys for your animals. An old t-shirt can twisted up and turned into great makeshift chew toy for a dog. Empty toilet roll tubes meanwhile can make a great tunnel for hamsters and mice.

Compare vet prices

Vet clinics will offer different prices, so if you’re animal is sick it’s worth ringing around and getting multiple quotes. You may be able to negotiate a price match in some cases. It’s also worth asking about various treatment options as certain procedures could be less costly than others whilst still providing the same quality of treatment (an example being pain relief medication vs surgery).

Buy meds online

Your vet may recommend using certain medication, but you could save money by shopping for your own medication online. All veterinary medication has to be FDA approved to be sold, unless it’s advertised as alternative medicine. You’ll find lots of brands that pride themselves on being affordable as found at sites such as  https://www.petbucket.com/c/4560890/1/revolution-for-cats.html. Always research medication when buying it from abroad as the same testing laws may not apply.

Consider pet insurance

Pet insurance can help to cover the cost of veterinary bills. You’re best off taking out a fixed scheme when your animal is young – you’ll likely get the cheapest rates and spend less in the long run. Taking out pet insurance on an old pet is likely to cost you a lot of money monthly and may not be worth your while financially.

Keep your pet active

Keeping your pet active won’t just keep your pet healthy – it will save you a lot of money in veterinary bills. Overweight animals that don’t get enough exercise are more likely to suffer from conditions such as heart disease, arthritis and diabetes. Inactive pets may also become stressed or bored, which could lead to a number of medical problems. Animals like dogs meanwhile can benefit from regular walks as it can help them to trim their nails naturally on the pavement. On top of this, a well-exercised pet that isn’t overweight won’t be as tempted to overeat, saving you money on food.


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