7 Effective Tips for Potty Training a Puppy

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Are you frustrated with your puppy for not grasping the concept of going outside to potty? Some puppies catch on quicker than others, but generally there are ways you can speed up the process.

After much trial and error, dog trainers and breeders have finally figured out the best methods for potty training a puppy.

Here is a seven-step guide that includes those methods.

Get Your Puppy into a Set Routine

I did this so many times it eventually became second nature. Your puppy needs to learn a routine of when it’s meal time, when it’s potty time and when it’s time to sleep.

As time goes by your puppy will potty each time you take it outside, because it knows why it’s outside. Add to that some of these other tips, and your puppy will be potty trained in no time.

  • Set your puppy’s meal time and stick to it.
  • Take your puppy outside to potty about ten minutes after it’s eaten.
  • Set two more times during the day when you take your puppy outside for potty.
  • Set a bedtime for your puppy too and be sure to take your puppy outside beforehand.

Be Prepared for Late Nights

You may also have to let your puppy out during the night. A puppy’s bladder is tiny, so try to be understanding when it wakes up in the middle of the night to go potty. If you’re a heavy sleeper, you may want to put newspaper down for your puppy and confine it to a certain area of the house.

Clean Up Accidents Immediately and Thoroughly

When your puppy does make an accident, clean it up right away.

  • Make a solution of disinfectant diluted with seven parts water and a few drops of peppermint oil.
  • Clean the area with a wet cloth as best you can.
  • Spray this on the area after you’ve cleaned it to remove the smell from your floor.
  • Clean it again with water and a cloth.
  • Check if the smell has gone. if not, repeat.

Dogs will usually revert to the same place to do their business, so make sure your puppy completely forgets about that time it pooped in the lounge.

Don’t Hit, Punish or Shout at Your Puppy for Mistakes

Hitting, scolding or rubbing your puppy’s nose in its mess will have an adverse effect on your potty training efforts. Patience goes a long way when you’re potty training a puppy, so stay calm when accidents happen. You’ll find they happen less and less as your puppy learns what you want.

Learn to Read Your Puppy’s Signals

When you watch your puppy roam around the house, always be sure to check for potty signals. Your puppy may hunch its body if it needs to poop. It may lower its body if it needs to urinate.

You’ll soon be a super hero puppy parent who automatically scoops your puppy up whenever it’s about to go. Take it outside and wait for it to do its business. then praise your puppy for messing outside.

Praise and Reward Your Puppy for Successes

Instead of punishing your puppy for mistakes, rather reward it for good potty behaviour. I always maintain that you should keep your puppy’s favourite treats on hand. Whenever it goes outside, give it a treat and whole lot of praise for being a good dog.

Mentally Prepare Yourself for Lots of Slipups

Prepare yourself for the work that goes into potty training a puppy. Your new best fried will make a lot of mistakes during this potty training period. But stay consistent and patient and you’ll be astounded at how quickly your puppy catches on.





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