6 Ways To Get Any House Ready For Summer

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Now that it’s winter everyone’s attentions will be turning to heating! Sticking with the warmth theme, it’s a good idea to carry out some maintenance work. There are certain things all homeowners should do before the summer.

Many people don’t realise that fixing many issues during the summer months can cost a lot. During winter, some repairs can be almost 50% less than they might be in the summer! The following are six ways to get any house ready for the summer:

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1. Get an air conditioning service carried out

It’s perhaps the best time of year to get an air conditioning service! An air conditioner repair today could save a heap of cash. Why? Because there is no dependency on the system right now.

If one uses a faulty system when it gets warmer, they will only have to spend more money fixing it. An air conditioning service is also useful at identifying any future problems.

2. Improve the insulation in and around the house

Next, the insulation should get checked and improved where necessary. Sure, insulation is useful at keeping a house warm during the winter months. But, it’s also important for the summer months too, believe it or not!

Thermal insulation isn’t just good at keeping warm temperatures in a home. It’s also useful for keeping hot air out of a home.

3. Apply caulk to window frames

In many homes air can escape through gaps and cracks by window frames. The result is homeowners spend more time and money heating or cooling their homes.

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The simple solution is to apply caulk to each window frame that has a gap. Caulk is cheap to buy and easy to apply, even by the novice DIYer. All one needs is a tube “plunger” to apply the caulk.

4. Install ceiling fans

Let’s assume that a property does not have air conditioning. What is the best way of cooling rooms down in the summer months? The answer is simple: install ceiling fans!

They are inexpensive and can get fitted in minutes by a qualified electrician. Ceiling fans don’t use much electricity and do a good job at distributing cool air within a room. They’re also practical for circulating warm air in winter too.

5. Install a patio misting system

What happens when there are high temperatures outdoors, and there are concrete patios outside? Well, it can be like walking into the fires of hell!

A simple and cost-effective misting system can help cool things down somewhat. Be sure to get a system that includes a pump. Otherwise, the misting action may be a little lackluster! One can get patio misting systems from any hardware stores.

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6. Paint your walls light colors

It might seem strange, but it’s true: light walls and ceilings can help cool a room down! If the sun beats down on walls with dark colors, the room will “soak up” the heat more than light colors.

That’s why houses in hotter parts of the country even have white exterior walls. They help to deflect the sun’s rays and place them elsewhere!

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