6 Ways to Build Lasting Family Memories

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Time seems to go so quickly when you start a family. It seems like one day you were bringing a new life into the world, and then you’re saying goodbye to them as they pack up and move out. Many parents can find it a whirlwind, that seems over before it’s really begun. If you want to cherish all those precious moments, then you need to build long lasting family memories. Not sure what I mean? Here are six examples.

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1. New Tradition

If you want to pass long lasting memories onto your children, consider coming up with a new family tradition. It could be that you have a reunion once a year, on the same day every year. Perhaps it’s that you all have to go out for ice cream after a movie. These memories are something that will stick with everyone forever. When your children have their own children, they’ll be able to pass those traditions on.

2. See the World

Taking your children to see different parts of the world will provide everyone with some incredible memories, that will never leave them. If you have the money, try and take a one-of-a-kind trip with the whole family. It could be driving around Europe in a campervan or visiting a Safari in Africa. If you’re strapped for cash, then you can still tick this box. Just opt for budget friendly ways to see different parts of your local area. Like camping in the garden or playing in the rain.

3. Build a Scrapbook

This is a great way of creating family memories that will truly last. There will be right there on paper! Fill your scrapbook with quotes, cinema tickets, pictures, newspaper cuttings, and anything else relevant to you. Look for a family photographer who can take a beautiful picture of all of you together. You can then use this for the front of the scrapbook. This is something that will be kept for generations to come.

4. Family Hobby

The key to building long lasting family memories is to spend plenty of time together. However, you’re not going to have very many tales from sitting in front of the TV. You should all take up a new hobby together. It could be camping, hiking, playing tennis, cooking. Something you can all do at the weekends when you’re free. You’ll always remember the stories from the days spent together on your favorite hobby.

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5. Experience a First

Is there something you’ve always wanted to do, that no one in the family has done? If you want a memory that will last forever, then do it together. It could be something wild like bungee jumping. It could just be volunteering for a local charity. Talk about all of the ideas you’ve had and work out which ones your family would like to do. You can then all experience a first together.

6. Laugh. Lots.

Last, but by no means least. When everyone has grown up and moved away, you’ll always remember the laughter. Instead of getting annoyed because things aren’t going to plan, laugh instead. Laugh at it raining so hard it washes your tent away. Laugh at the BBQ setting alight on family day. Laugh and everyone will laugh with you. That’s the key to making long lasting memories.

How do you build lasting memories with your family? Hopefully some of these ideas will become useful. And maybe even make the time slow down a little.

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