6 Things You Didn’t Know You Could do With a Hair Straightener

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A hair straightener can be used for many different things. It isn’t just a fantastic tool for creating a sleek hair style, oh no; it can be used for multiple things. This makes it a wonderful appliance to have around the home. Want to learn more about what it can do? Read on:

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1. Curl Your Hair

That’s right; a GHD hair straightener can curl your hair. ‘But it’s not even rounded?!’ I hear you exclaim. That’s right. Don’t worry about the science behind it (science schmience). Simply practice curling using a helpful tutorial video and then squeal with glee as you see your curls. Created with a straightener. Cool, eh?

2. Wave Your Hair

You can wave your hair with your straightener too. Perfect if you want that bedhead look. It’s really easy to do too! All you do is make a waving motion with your straighteners as you run them down a piece of hair. It helps if you like the messy look. Use your fingers after to make it look extra tousled.

3. Crimp Your Hair

In the same way you wave your hair with them, you can crimp your hair. I realise it doesn’t have any of those grooves in it like a real crimper; you just need to practice some fancy flicky wrist work. Remember when crimped hair was all the rage? You could bring it back!

4. Make Hair Chalk Last Longer

Hair chalk is the cheapest, most temporary way to try out crazy colours on your hair. You could be pink for the day, blue, or purple. You could even have swamp green hair if you wanted; nobody is going to judge you. And if they do, just wash it out. No harm done! Once you’ve applied your hair chalk just how you want it, go over it with the straightener to lock in the color.

5. Iron a Shirt

Ok, I’ll be honest. You can’t iron a whole shirt. You’d need a giant straightener for that (or an iron). You can, however, straighten hems and collars to make yourself look even more presentable than you currently do. Just try not to inadvertently create any creases with the straightener in the process.

6. Melt Stuff

Erm, yeah. You can melt stuff. A straightener gets really hot, which means you can melt and burn stuff to your heart’s content. Why would you want to do that? I don’t know. I’m just telling you what you can do with a straightener; don’t shoot the messenger. I will warn you that you might ruin items and your straightening iron in the process of melting stuff. This is exactly why you shouldn’t leave your straightener on when you leave the house. Nor should you leave it by any flammable objects, or on a carpet.

There you have it; 6 things you didn’t know you could do with a hair straightener. Ok, I admit, you may already known some of them. And some of them are a bit silly. Got you reading though, didn’t it?




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