6 Incredible Health Benefits of a Home Spa Treatment

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Do you seriously need to be convinced that having a spa in your own home is a good thing?

Very well.

There’s nothing better than enjoying a warm spa treatment at the end of a long, stressful day at work. Sure, you could always visit a local spa, but why not use your own backyard and have a custom spa built there by companies such as So Cal Custom Pools and Spas?

A spa is the ideal way to treat ourselves, it’s true. But did you know that a spa has numerous health benefits. Numerous studies have shown that spa can help alleviate different conditions such as cardiovascular issues, insomnia, high blood pressure and chronic stress.

In this article, we’ll list the most compelling health benefits of having a spa in your own home.

It Helps Ease Stress

The stress we have to put up with every day can cause a number of issues including headaches, muscle tension, gastrointestinal issues, soreness and fatigue. Thankfully, a single spa treatment is enough to alleviate most of that stress and the symptoms it causes.

While just sitting in the hot water helps relieve the pressure in your joints and muscles, the therapeutic massage you can enjoy thanks to the hot tub jets releases endorphin, the hormone of joy, which acts as our body’s natural painkiller.

It Can Improve Cardiovascular Health

Getting a deep, long bath soaked in water up to the neck can give a tremendous boost to your cardiovascular system. Since water puts more pressure on the body. The cardiovascular system reciprocates by increasing the volume, meaning your heart works harder. This type of heart workout can help keep it healthy and more efficient.

It Can Cure Insomnia

In most cases, insomnia is caused by stress and as we’ve already covered, spa can help you get rid of it efficiently. Apart from that, it’s well known that hot water promotes relaxation, which is just what you need when you can’t fall asleep. The heat of the water increases your body temperature, and in turn relaxes your muscles. This makes it much easier to fall asleep and have a quality sleep too.

Spa Promotes Weight Loss

Numerous studies have shown that overweight patients lost around 3.5 pounds without modifying their diet or going through strict exercise regimes. Even though it seems impossible, the secret is in the hot water massaging your muscles, mimicking the effects of exercising.

Helps Lower Your Blood Sugar Levels

Similarly, due to the fact that a spa treatment can simulate the effects of an exercise, type 2 diabetes patients can use this to lower their blood sugar levels. If you soak in a hot tub for around half an hour, six days a week, your blood sugar levels can drop up to staggering 13%, according to a study by the New England Journal of Medicine.

It Can Alleviate the Symptoms of Arthritis

Anyone with arthritis knows how unbearable the symptoms of this condition are. According to the Arthritis Research Campaign, using a hot tub is one of the best ways to alleviate the pain in the joints caused by arthritis. Soaking in hot water can relax the muscles, reduce joint stiffness and help with their regular workouts and everyday activities.

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