50 Non-Toy Gifts for Children

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toyskidsLooking for a non-toy gift for children?  Here’s a great list.  Make sure to see the entire list of 50 Non-Toy Gifts for Children. Thanks Super Coupon Lady!

1) HAIR ACCESSORIES -Girls love to fix their hair with pretty Hair Ties and barrettes! Grab a few of these goodies along with special brush.

2) A STAR – Buy and name a star for any occasion! This is especially precious and they will treasure this there entire life. If the star is a little to much

3) A DONATION TO THEIR FAVORITE CHARITY – This is not only a great non-toy gift but a great learning experience for your children to learn about the importance of giving to others.

4) A DAY AT A THEME PARK – A day at a theme park is a awesome way to have a lot of fun with your children and create lifelong memories, I still remember vividly my parents taking me to theme parks as a child and not leaving until the place closed, yes we shut it down lol!!

5) LUGGAGE SET – I never thought of this gift until we went on a vacation together with another family and my daughter noticed her friends super cool Hello Kitty luggage, so I kept that in the memory bank and surprised my daughter for her birthday with luggage!!

6) A TREE – The reason a tree is one of the most awesome non-toy gifts, you can plant it together, it helps the earth, and hopefully the tree will be there for years to come. I remember when I was in elementary school my class planted a tree at school many decades ago (not trying to give away my age here) and now when I go back home to visit, I ride by that tree and think to myself about when I helped plant that tree.

7) FLOWERS – We never think about getting children flowers, but they love to receive them as much as we do! This can be super inexpensive too. Just pick a pretty arrangement and wrap in tissue paper with a ribbon. This gift will get you a big smile!

8) WATCH -Boys and Girls both love to wear WATCHES!!!

9) A PLAY DATE – Arrange a fun playdate with one of a few of their friends. You can even make cupcakes or a special snack to celebrate!

10) WATER BOTTLE – My kids cannot live with out their water bottle, so one day I got them these cool personalized water bottles, and they thought that this was the most awesome gift.

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