5 Unusual Pregnancy Symptoms That Nobody Talks About

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Pregnancy can be a wonderful time in a woman’s life. Or it can be a nightmare. Being pregnant can be quite difficult for some women, and they can develop a number of symptoms throughout the process. We have all heard about morning sickness and food cravings, but these are just the tip of the iceberg in some cases. Here are five more unusual symptoms you could develop during your pregnancy.

Hot flashes

Pregnancy hot flashes and night sweats are quite a common symptom for a woman’s body to develop. They are caused by a drop in estrogen that is similar to women going through the menopause. They can last for a few minutes, an entire day and in some cases continue after the baby has been born. It’s an unpredictable effect of being pregnant and can make expectant mothers very uncomfortable. Especially if they cannot get any cold relief.

Metallic tastes

Pregnant women can often complain about a metallic or sour taste in their mouths. This is usually found in women who suffer from severe morning sickness. Again this is caused by a change or imbalance in the hormone Estrogen, which controls and maintains your sense of taste. Using a strong mouthwash or eating strongly flavored food can usually get rid of the unpleasant taste.

Nasal Congestion

Having a blocked nose is a particularly unusual symptom caused by pregnancy. This is known as rhinitis and causes the mucus membranes inside your nose to swell. It can also be caused by the tiny blood vessel, also located in your nose, swelling due to the extra blood they are carrying. This gives the impression of a cold or allergies developing. This can make it difficult for expectant mothers to breathe through their nasal passages.

More body hair

A thicker head of hair is something every woman wants. During pregnancy women can experience their hair getting much thicker and fuller, but some can also see an increase in facial and body hair. Thankfully both of these can be removed quickly and easily but that doesn’t mean it isn’t embarrassing for pregnant women to deal with. It can make them self-conscious, and they may lose their confidence as a result. This symptom will not become a permanent effect and should stop growing a month or two after the baby has been born.

Larger feet

Swelling feet is something we have all heard about. But women’s feet can grow in both length and width during the pregnancy process. They can increase by a half or even a whole size due to the extra weight gain and the hormone Relaxin. This causes the bones in women’s feet to spread and could cause a growth spurt each time a woman get’s pregnant.

Hopefully, this guide will have provided some insight into possible changes that women’s bodies go through. In no way should these symptoms be feared. They are all temporary, and it’s not guaranteed every woman will get them. Having a beautiful, healthy baby will be worth all of the discomfort and embarrassment anyway.

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