5 Tips to Make Your Kids Bedroom a Nice Place

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Kids roomCreating an inviting kid’s bedroom is a must for your child, who will spend a lot of time in the room as they learn, grow, and spend time with their friends and siblings. But how can you go about making any kid’s bedroom in your home a really nice place to be for everyone in the family? Continue reading for five helpful tips to draft a stellar design your kids will love.

Incorporate Fun Wall Art

To add a fun element to any child’s bedroom, you can incorporate wall art rather than just plainly painting the walls one colour. Choose wall art that really brings out your kid’s personality. And stick with something that your kid loves, whether that’s sports or Disney characters. Wallpaper murals for kids bedrooms, which are available from companies like Walltastic, are a great place to start.

Add the Right Lighting

As with any other room in your home, the lighting could make a huge difference to how your child feels. Avoid fluorescent lighting, which can be harsh, and make sure that you have some overhead lights so that the room can be really bright whenever necessary, such as for homework or playtime. Add a few lamps so your child can have a bit of light at night to settle down before bed, and if you want to save money, stick with LED bulbs, which will last a long time while producing a lot of light.

Incorporate Feng Shui Principles

The ancient art of Feng Shui can help you configure a kid’s bedroom so that it isn’t only fun to be in but will also be a great place to sleep soundly through the night. This is important for kids of all ages, who need to be able to settle down and rest their minds and bodies.

When it comes to picking a spot for the bed to be in, put the headboard against the wall and make sure your child can lie down and see the door so that they can feel in control of the room. And when it comes to colours, stick with those that are not too bright and not too dark. You don’t want to overstimulate or depress your child’s moods, so stick with pastels in pinks, greens, and blues.

Make It a Place to Play and Rest

Your child’s bedroom should be a haven where they can play and rest. Have an area dedicated to playing, such as an area for video games and TV, as well as a desk where your child can study for school. And, of course, a comfortable bed should be the focal point of the room.

Make It Cozy and Safe

Ultimately, in order to make your kid’s bedroom a nice place to be, you need to take steps to make it cosy and safe. For example, wall-to-wall carpeting or a plush rug is a great way to give your child warm floors, as well as allow them to sit and lie on the floor to play or watch TV.

With these tips, you’ll create a kids bedroom that everyone’s sure to love.

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