5 Simple Ways to Spruce Up your Living Room

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The living room is the first place that your guests see when they visit your home. You may share meals in the kitchen, but your family spends hours in the living room. If you have had the same design for years, revamping the living room may seem a hard task, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are five simple ways to give your living room a new lease of life.

1. Use Different Textures

One of the easiest ways to give any space a fresh look is to redecorate. Play around with different textures and materials. For instance, if you have the same texture for your walls, you can change the texture of one or two walls. Another idea is to add new pieces with different materials. Mix decorating pieces made of textiles, wood, leather, metal, and glass, depending on your budget and space.

2. Simplify your Design and Style

Homeowners try too hard to make their spaces stand out until the design looks complicated. Inspect your space and remove all unnecessary items. An over-accessorized space looks cluttered even when the accessories are outstanding. You can place some items in other spaces in your house or use them to revamp your outdoors.

3. Create a New Focal Point

Explore different ideas of a focal point and then get one that works for your space. You can choose a historic wall hanging, a large mirror, art piece, or a free standing electric fireplace. If you have had the same focal point for years, consider replacing it with a new idea. For instance, you can get a new art piece to replace an old wall hanging. The good thing about accessories is that you can use them in other spaces in your home.

4. Rethink the Furniture

One common mistake in many homes is excess furniture in the living room. You anticipate large birthday celebrations and visitors every weekend and hence buy more seats and tables for them. Such an approach is not realistic. The living room should only be functional for your family and probably a few regular visitors. Remove excess furniture in your space to make it more functional. You can also replace the furniture with new pieces that take up less space.

5. Add Optical Illusions

You can make any small room to appear bigger with optical illusions. For instance, you can use vertically striped wallpaper, tall lamps, or long curtains. A classical way of making small spaces bigger is mounting a mirror on one or two walls. Mirrors reflect light and make rooms appear brighter, which makes other pieces in the room visible. Another way of creating optical illusions is to use resin floors, which reflect light to all parts of the room.


You have multiple ideas to create a new look in your living room. You can have a different look every season or year on a low budget if you creatively use decorating pieces. Avoid cluttering the space with too many pieces or mixing different color themes. The living must remain enjoyable and easy to use for your family as you add or remove new pieces.




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