5 Plants and Flowers That Are Especially Toxic to Dogs

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There are few greater joys than sitting outside in the garden or a field while we watch our pets playing with their toys, chasing birds or insects, and rummaging through nice-smelling plants and flowers. Yet, dogs aren’t always satisfied with just smelling flowers, and it can be hard for them to resist the urge to have a nibble. Unfortunately, this can be dangerous as there are a high number of common UK plants and flowers that are toxic to our pets.

Pet experts James Wellbeloved have also identified a number of plants that are especially poisonous to dogs. Symptoms of poisoning can be fast-acting and include anything from sickness, weight loss and vomiting, to blood in the stool and sudden death. So, in the interest of keeping your dog safe, we recommend steering clear from the following toxic flowers and plants.

1. Azaleas

While Azaleas are far from being the most poisonous flower, dogs have a real affinity for them because of their nice smell. These common garden plants can be hard to avoid if they have been planted in a nearby park that you and your dog like to frequent. Fortunately, symptoms normally just include mild sickness and most dogs make a full recovery.

2. Grape Vine

While the vine isn’t a healthy meal for any dog, grapes are especially toxic. Just a few nibbles can lead to long-term urinary difficulties and even acute kidney failure, which can be life-threatening if not treated by a vet right away.

3. Hyacinths

While as common and as attractive as Azaleas, Hyacinths are much more toxic, also. Most dogs only tend to ingest small amounts of these plants, as the symptoms (vomiting and irritation in the mouth and throat) begin before they can eat too much. However, certain breeds, including Labradors, like to dig up and eat whole plants as quickly as possible, meaning they experience more severe side-effects.

4. Ivy

Although ivy is just as toxic to cats, dogs are the more likely pet to try and eat the poisonous leaves and berries. If your dog consumes parts of an ivy plant, you should see your vet immediately, as symptoms can be sudden and include falling into a coma.

5. Potatoes

An increasing number of us are taking to growing fruit and vegetables. However, if you are a dog owner, you need to be careful about which plants you grow. Every part of the potato plant is poisonous to dogs and, because they grow in the ground, they are easy for dogs to reach and dig up. If you want to grow potatoes, make sure to secure them with a fence that your dog cannot pass.

While these are just some of the common plants which are poisonous to dogs, don’t let this article scare you. Some dogs are more prone to eating plants than others, and most dog owners don’t need to worry. However, to keep your dog healthy, and to give yourself peace of mind, do your best to watch your dog around these plants. And, if your dog presents any symptoms of poisoning, it is safest to assume they have eaten something bad for them and to visit the vet right away. My friends’ dogs ate a toxic plant about 6 months ago. Her dogs weren’t expected to survive but because she got them to the vet right away, they were able to pump their stomachs and give them charcoal to stop the effects of the toxin. Thankfully they are all doing well now.

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