5 Natural Health Remedies For Children

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Whether your little one has a tummy ache or a cold, it is always a good idea to give home remedies a try, before paying out for unnecessary prescription drugs.

Most home remedies are low cost, have no nasty side effects and use items you probably already have in your home. Some natural remedies, like chamomile and ginger, for example, have even been confirmed by scientific research to have healing effects.

If your child has a more severe illness it always a good idea to give your family doctor a call and make an appointment for a check up. But, the next time your child suffers from a minor injury or illness, give these home remedies a try, instead of heading to the chemist.

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1. Honey and lemon for a sore throat

If your child is feeling unwell and suffering from a sore throat, instead of heading out to your nearest pharmacy and buying throat sweets, opt for a natural alternative, like honey and lemon.

Lemon is excellent for drying out congestion while honey will coat the throat in a protective layer, reducing pain from a sore throat or cough. A recent study found that giving a child a teaspoon of honey, helped to ease their cough better than cough medicine did.

All you need to do is mix a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of lemon juice together, and heat it in the microwave for 20 seconds. Make sure it is warm, not hot, and then feed to your child, one teaspoon at a time. Do not give honey to children under one-year-old.

2. Baking power for insect bites

Instead of spraying your child’s bug bite with store bought chemicals, use baking powder instead. Baking soda is alkaline based, so it counteracts the acidic big bite and helps to reduce the swelling and soreness of the bite.

Simply mix baking powder and water together so that it forms a thick paste, then apply to the bites and leave to dry.

3. Licorice for tummy ache

If your child complains of a tummy ache, give them some licorice to chew on – just make sure it is the real kind, not the super sweet candy.

Herbal licorice has compounds in it that it has been suggested, can help to relieve stomach aches and pains.

4. Steam for a cough or cold

Steam is amazing for treating coughs and colds. Instead of buying decongestant tablets and cough syrups, use steam to treat your child’s cough or cold. It works just as well, is much cheaper and will have no nasty side effects.

To use steam to treat a cough or a cold, you can either sit your child in a steamy bathroom or you can invest in a vaporizer.  It all depends on what method you think works best.

5. Treat cuts with honey

Instead of using chemical creams and lotions, you can treat cuts and grazes with a thin layer of honey.

It’s gentle, chemical-free and works well to kill bacteria and protect the wound. The only downside is that it can be a little messy.

The next time your little one is feeling under the weather, give these natural remedies a try.

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