5 Natural Cures to Prevent and Treat Headaches

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People who’ve experienced a headache will know how niggling and debilitating they can be. There are many forms of headaches you can experience, such as a tension headache that impacts your head and neck, or an intense and painful migraine. To help you avoid discomfort and pain, we are providing six natural cures to prevent and treat headaches.

  1. Rest

A headache is usually a sign that you need to slow things down and take a break. That’s why people who live active, busy lives often experience a troublesome headache. Prevent and treat a headache by closing the blinds from natural sunlight and relaxing for a minimum of ten minutes. You might discover that the pain will promptly disappear.

  1. Consume Small Meals Frequently

That nagging sensation could be a sign that you need to eat, as a headache can often occur due to low blood sugar. Say goodbye to the headache by eating something immediately. Foods that can also prevent and treat headaches include olive oil, spinach, tofu, and pumpkin or sunflower seeds. Keep the aches and pains at bay by consuming small meals throughout the day, rather than enjoying three larger meals, as it can provide consistency to your blood sugar levels.

  1. Place Ice on Your Forehead

Placing ice, a cold compress or a wet washcloth over your forehead or eyes can provide a temporary headache relief – and it can even help the headache to disappear. If you don’t have any ice to hand, run a popsicle over your forehead and temples for up to 10 minutes, as it allows your brain to focus on the cold stimulus over the pain it is experiencing.

  1. Try Hemp

Cloud 9 Hemp is helping to improve a person’s quality of life, as CBD hemp is believed to reduce stress levels, anxiety and headaches. Cannabidiol is a natural component found in the hemp plant, and is therefore a natural headache treatment that is compatible with many vape devices, and it can potentially alleviate an annoying headache.

  1. A Hot Shower

Many people are more likely to turn to cold treatments over heat when experiencing a headache. However, a hot, steamy shower could be the answer to the problem if you have awoken with a headache. Don’t sit in bed and wait for the headache to pass. Get up, enjoy a spot of breakfast and have a hot shower. The heat from the shower can release cold or sinus pressure, as it can help to clear your nasal passages.

  1. Apply Acupressure

Apply a little acupressure on a point between the thumb and index finger, which is believed to ease headache pain. Squeeze the area before massaging it in a circular motion for five minutes, and then perform the same action on the other hand. It’s certainly one tip that is worth trying if you’re struggling to shift a bad headache.

Do you have any tried and testing tips for relieving a headache? Please post a comment below.



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