5 Improvement to Make Your Home More Comfortable & Functional

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Interior design often focuses on aesthetics. The emphasis is on style and physical appearance. This is, of course, important. However, it is easy to forget function and comfort when making design choices for your home. Have you ever bought a beautiful sofa that you fell in love with at the store, only to find it hard and uncomfortable when it was in your house?

Making the following improvements will update your home in terms of style and function. But above all, they will provide a comfortable environment for the whole family.

1. The Basics – Heat

To create a comfortable home, it is important to get the basics right. This means providing the right environment for your family. Part of this involves controlling the temperature. In the winter months, you need to ensure that everyone is warm enough. And in the summer months, it’s about keeping cool in the heat.

Ensure you have the right heating and air conditioning system in places. For examples, see Harsters Heating & Air Conditioning and other companies.

When choosing your air conditioner consider energy efficiency, size, timer options and easy cleaning. Energy efficiency is also important in your heating system. Ensure that all boilers and units adhere to codes and are serviced regularly.

Other ways to keep your home cool in the summer:

  • Keep your curtains and blinds closed
  • Use cotton sheets and bedding
  • Set your ceiling fan to rotate counter-clockwise
  • Use extractor fans in the bathroom and kitchen
  • Open your windows at night if it is safe to do so
  • Cook outside as much as possible

Keeping your home warm in the winter:

  • Close your curtains in the evening to contain the heat
  • Move furniture away from radiators
  • Keep the bathroom door open after a bath or shower to let the heat escape to other rooms
  • Block drafts from doors and windows
  • Place tin foil behind the radiators to reflect heat back into the room
  • Add thicker bedding and layers

2. Light

Light can be another source of comfort or discomfort for your family. Get it right and they won’t even notice it. The aim is to ensure that your house or apartment is adequately lit. If you have smaller rooms, allow in as much natural daylight as possible. Don’t block it with blinds and curtains. Open them fully to let the light in.

Your lighting requirements will vary from room to room, depending on how you spend time there. The bedroom is mainly for sleeping, and so soft lighting is usually preferable. Bedside lamps are great if you read in bed and for if you get up in the night. Ensure your lighting is adequate for getting dressed in the morning.

The light in the bathroom tends to focus on the mirror. You may need this for shaving and putting on makeup. Overhead and side lights will provide you with even coverage.

In the kitchen, many homes install overhead lights and unit lights to enable you to prepare and cook food. While in the den, lighting focused around furniture will allow for comfortable reading.

Don’t forget the exterior of your home. Ensure paving and walkways are adequately lit for when you arrive home after dark. Safety lights are also a good idea and can be set to switch on based on motion.


3. Cleaning

A clean home will provide you with a pleasant and safe environment. Set up a rota and clean your home each week. Deep clean on a regular basis. This will eliminate unpleasant smells and will allow your home to function efficiently.

As you’re cleaning, tidy each room and rid it of clutter. Apart from decorative items, only keep items on surfaces that are regularly used. Put everything else away. When it comes to ornaments and pictures, try not to fill every available space.

Don’t cram items into drawers and cupboards and forget about them. Go through all of your storage and ensure everything is organized neatly. If there’s anything you’re no longer using, throw it away, recycle or give it away. Use storage boxes and drawer dividers to organize your possessions. This will make it easier to locate items when they’re needed. No more dragging out half the drawer to find a rogue sock.


4. Furniture and Furnishings

Choose your furniture wisely. Don’t skimp on quality to save a little money. In most cases, you get what you pay for. Cheap furniture is unlikely to last, requiring you to replace it after a short period. It is also likely to be poorly made and provide little comfort

Think about all the places your family sits in the home. This includes the sofa, armchairs, dining room chairs, etc. Think about where they spend the most time and focus on those areas. Think about the comfort value of furniture, as well as their aesthetic appeal. Add cushions to provide more support. When you purchase dining room chairs, think about seat pads. If your family sits through long meals, they will welcome the extra padding.

One of the most important places in terms of comfort and support is the bed. Choosing the right bed for each family member will allow them to get a good night’s sleep and keep them healthy. Sleep impacts on all aspects of our lives, including our physical and mental health.


5. The Little Things

Often it’s the little things you bring to your house or apartment that creates a home. These are the things that are often noticed and commented upon. For examples, cushions and seat pads, as mentioned earlier. Other little touches can also make a difference, such as providing blankets and throws during the winter months.

If a member of the family reads in an armchair, consider providing a lamp that can be adjusted to provide adequate lighting for them.

Make it easy for everyone to locate their possessions. Keys often go astray. Put up hooks for each member of the family. Provide charging stations where everyone can plug in their laptops and phones.

Create an ambient mood by investing in dimmer switches and lighting candles. Provide a radio where the family congregates to provide music. Or set up speakers where you can plug phones and MP3s.

Add color and scent with fresh flowers. Or add oil burners or other room fragrance.

When you get it right, your family won’t even notice these additions. It’s usually when something goes wrong that brings it to their attention. For example, it’s too hot or too cold. Or they can’t see to read etc. Start with the basics and then introduce other improvements. And remember, when making design decisions, focus on function as well as style.


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