5 Great Restaurants for a Kid’s Birthday Party

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When you have a child in the home who’s having a birthday and you want to eat out, there are so many great restaurant chains to choose from that it’s difficult to decide. Most of our restaurant choices have their own kids’ menu with kid-friendly portion sizes and a good number of options for picky eaters.

Here are the five greatest restaurants for a kid’s birthday party.

1.      Rainforest Cafe

Rainforest Café is a chain that has an active rainforest theme throughout, from the lush green background to the kid’s menu. Started in the Mall of America in Minnesota, it has since expanded globally. The kid’s menu comes with a choice of entrées like the Rainforest Rascals (mini burger sliders), Python pasta or mac & cheese. Each kid can also pick a side dish, a drink, and later a dessert.

2.      Pizza Hut

It’s hard to find a kid that doesn’t love pizza. And even if you don’t, these days Pizza Hut also has other dishes for pasta lovers and vegetarians to keep everyone happy. Whether they’ll like Italian style with a thin crust or enjoy a thicker stuffed crust, you’re bound to see many happy faces enjoying their slice or two. To make dining out more enjoyable, this Pizza Hut coupon code 5 off will save you some money.

3.      T.G.I. Friday

The classic T.G.I. Fridays is a play of the “Thank Goodness, It’s Friday” saying that many polite people used to utter. These days, the venerable chain continues to offer American goodness on a plate. From big ribs to bourbon barrel salmon and sizzling chicken and shrimp, the menu can get a little exotic. But there’re also plenty of burgers, fries, and sandwiches in every combination too. The soft drinks menu is considerable. Lastly, the desserts are worth a visit alone with Oreo Madness and Brownie Obsession getting the taste buds going just thinking about them.

4.      Dave & Buster’s

The Dave & Buster’s experience is all about having fun. They have their restaurant and also a games area too. The kids’ menu offers surf and turf, chicken tenders known as Goldfingers, Macaroni & Cheese, or a Parmesan Caesar salad for those trying to watch their weight.

For drinks, there are ice floats like the colorful Grape Candy Chill, fruit drinks, sodas, and their classic milkshakes. In case the kids are still hungry, there are several desserts to choose from too.

5.      Chuck E. Cheese’s

The Chuck E. Cheese dining experience is based around American favorites. For the kids, there is the Mac-Cheesy pizza or one with Cheetos, which is not something you see every day! A variety of pizzas are there to share, the best chicken wings, healthy club wraps, and the tater bites are popular with the kids too. There’re also plenty of drinks options suitable for the younger visitors too.

Any of these restaurants is going to create a fun time for a gaggle of kids. It’s probably best to match the eating habits of the kids coming to the party with the menus from the various restaurant chains, to see which will be the best fit.


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