5 Big DIY Jobs You’ve Got To Try

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When it comes to the larger DIY jobs, you need to prepare yourself. No half-hearted measures here. You need to go all in. It’s win or lose. A big DIY job needs preparation and concentration. With all that said, you might be a little lost as to what a big DIY job even is. Think of it like this, it’s something you would have formerly called someone in to do for you. Here are a couple DIY jobs you didn’t know you could do yourself.

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Replacing A Window

It’s not easy, but it can be done. For the first step depends entirely on if the window pane is broken. If it is, it should slip out of the mooring between either side of the frame easily. If it isn’t, you’ll have to remove one side of the frame to ease it out.

In both instances, you’ll have to remove one side of the frame to slot a new pane back in. So don’t think just because the window is broken you’ll have an easier job.

Place the pane back onto the frame and secure it properly from both sides.

Remodelling A Bathroom

If you’ve got a fairly old house or are just looking for a change, remodelling your bathroom can be a nice improvement. Before you even start thinking about taking a hammer to anything, you have to be prepared. There will be a lot of waste parts as you refit everything from the toilet to the taps.

You’ll have to get mini skips to place all the waste into. Not only does it give you a place to store it, but it’ll also give you an easy way to dispose of it later.

Fitting something like a sink is a fairly extensive and advanced DIY job in itself. Not only do you have to hook it into the plumbing system, but you also need to fit it properly to the wall.

Extending A Room

Extending a room includes a DIYer’s greatest dream. To knock a wall through. Don’t go picking up the sledgehammer immediately though. Not all rooms can be extended, and you need to be aware of which walls are load bearing or not. It’s best to get a professional in at least to check that part.

After that, you can start swinging.

Fitting A Light

While perfectly easy to do, many people will shy away from dealing with anything electrical. So long as you put the wires into the places they need to go; you should be fine. It has to be said though, make sure the electric is turned off at the fuse box before you do anything.

It may not end well if you forget that part.

Replacing A Floorboard

Just as long as the board you are replacing the old one with is the right size, there’s no worry about doing this. Just remove the old board and fit in the new one. You may have to nail it down or use adhesive to keep it there though.


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