5 Awesome Ways To Enjoy The Freedom Of Travel

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Travel can be so freeing. Getting away from the humdrum of life is good for the mind, body and soul. It’s not always easy to get away from everything either for some people. So when you do find a slot in your schedule to take some time out, you want to make the most of it. Everyone needs a little escape once in awhile. Why not try one of these awesome ways to travel to maximize that sense of freedom:


Flying provides the ultimate sense of freedom. Soaring up into the sky at take-off gives most people a thrill. The adrenaline kicks in whether you love or loathe that moment of acceleration and ascent. The best thing about flying is that it can take you anywhere. You can fly interstate or internationally. When you travel by plane, you can literally be anywhere in the world in just a few hours.

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There is something truly magical about looking out of a plane window and seeing the clouds beneath you. It’s not an everyday event for the vast majority of people so that novelty never wears off. This unique view cannot be captured in a photograph. You have to experience to appreciate its appeal. Flying certainly gives you the freedom to go anywhere quickly and easily.


At a much slower pace is cycling. Yet it offers all the freedom you could want. You can feel the wind rushing through your hair as you whizz downhill on your bicycle. Cycling gives you that sense of freedom as you pass by all the cars stuck in a traffic jam. You have the freedom to go at your own pace, and you can find all those little shortcuts that cars just can’t make.

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Cycling is one of the healthiest ways to travel. There are thousands of listed cycle routes all over the road to take you across continents. It’s also the most scenic way to travel thanks to its slower pace. You can cycle along canals, around lakes, and along coastlines. Best of all, you can park your bike anywhere you choose to stop, without paying any fees. For the ultimate freedom, why not pack your essentials in a bicycle bag and camp whenever you’re tired?

Road Trip

The freedom of travelling is certainly felt when you take a road trip. The choice of open top convertible or home-from-home RV is up to you. Many people enjoy using the RV because it removes the limit of time from your journey. You can browse motorhomes for sale here that may suit you for a short or long road trip. Many retirees invest in them so they can tour the country at their leisure. It buys them the freedom to take their time. They will always have accommodation and somewhere to prepare a wholesome home-cooked meal.

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The RV is the vehicle of choice for families wishing to have the freedom to take a vacation together whenever it suits them. It is also ideal if you are visiting distant relatives who don’t have the space in their house for you. It’s very freeing to own a vehicle that can be treated like a second home. It’s especially desirable because you have the freedom to change the view out of your window every single day. To travel the country at your own pace in your own style, you can’t beat an RV.


Public transport can offer you a lot of freedom to get on with other things while you travel. Many commuters are finding an extra couple of hours each day to catch up with emails and reports as they travel. Some use the free wifi to keep in touch with their children. Others use it to get the weekly shopping ordered online. Having someone else do the driving certainly gives people the freedom to get on with their lives. There is no need to pay any attention to the route, or what is going on outside the window. You have the freedom to close your eyes and catch up on some sleep too.

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One of the best things about using the train is the flexibility of the tickets you can buy. This gives you the freedom to travel through lots of different states or countries on a single ticket on a whim. Open travel tickets like this are ideal for touring places in Europe. If you are looking to backpack or travel light, this can be the perfect way to do it. Most tickets last between a month and six months, giving you the freedom to travel through the continent at your own pace. This can be very cheap overall, so you can travel on a small budget.


For hundreds of years, Man has enjoyed the freedom of the seas. The sense of isolation while at sea can be just what you need to escape from it all. The oceans are big, and we are small. This makes for a true sense of awe when you stand on the deck of a ship or boat to look out. More and more people are enjoying cruises for the sense of freedom it offers. Cruises are often all-inclusive. This means you can eat what you like, when you like without having to pay any more money. Some offer the same freedom for alcoholic drinks.

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While the itinerary of a cruise is set, there is always the freedom to choose where you go in the countries you stop at. Cruises provide a huge range of facilities too. There are swimming pools, cinemas, theaters, skating rinks, spas, salons, and classes you can choose. For the freedom to customize your vacation activities, you can’t beat a cruise.

Travelling can be compelling and addictive because it provides that escape and freedom from our everyday lives. Sometimes it doesn’t matter where the destination is. The journey is the all-important factor. At other times, the sense of freedom comes from being as far away from what you know as possible. For the ultimate getaway, pick your transport of choice. You need only be a few hours from freedom.

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