4 Unique Ways To Raise Funds For A Good Cause

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There is nothing wrong with the classic methods of raising funds for a good cause. However, once and a while it can be successful if you freshen things up and grab your potential donors’ attention with a unique fundraising method. And, besides, you are doing something very worthwhile, so you deserve to have fun while you are doing it!

Whether you are raising funds for an individual, a charity, the community or your child’s school, here are some unique ways to attract attention and donations.

1. Create a display

A wonderful way to say thank you to your donors so far is with a display. But not only will this commemorate their contribution but it will also encourage others to donate. If you are raising money for your school or local community, you may be able to create your display in a public area with good footfall, so it’s worth inquiring. You may wish to create the display yourself or visit Fundraisingbrick.com, for example, for help with your fundraising exhibit.

2. Get your furry friends involved

Nothing gets people on side quite like an adorable pooch (or ten!). So how about a dog show or big dog walk with all the canines in the community? This could be an excellent way to get people interested in the cause you support and to raise funds. You might wish to arrange for a sponsored dog walk around the perimeter of your neighborhood. Or perhaps you could organize a dog event in your local park. Friends, family, neighbors, colleagues and others could bring their dogs along for a day of fun and for competitions like the cutest pup and the best-dressed dog.

3. Tap into a subject that’s trending

Another way to attract attention to your cause is by arranging an event based on something that is popular at the time. Social media is one of the best ways to discover what is getting people talking at the moment. This could be anything from a type of clothing, like a onesie, to a TV show, like Game of Thrones, to a behavior, like taking selfies. Don’t pick anything that is controversial, however, as this is likely to have the opposite effect.

4. A cook-off!

More people are taking an interest in eating well. There is an abundance of cooking shows on the TV that have also made many people more adventurous in the kitchen. Why not ask people to enter into a healthy eating cooking competition. You may wish to ask a local chef from a popular restaurant to be the judge. Make it extra funny, exciting and challenging by arranging for children to pick the ingredients that the competitors must cook with. I can’t imagine the bizarre combination of items that they will come up with!

4986290249_f7fb7c2742_zThank you for reading my post on unusual ways to raise funds for a good cause. I hope that you find some useful ideas in here that you can use to gain interest and excitement for your cause and, of course, to raise funds.

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