4 Types of Collars to Consider for Your Dog

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Collars are among the most important pet accessories you need to have for your dog. Aside from letting everyone know that your dog is not a stray, it also lets you attach valuable information—such as your name and contact details—to your pet. This is especially helpful in case your furry friend goes missing. Last but not least, a collar is also a valuable training tool that likewise allows you to control your dog whenever you go outside for walks.

If you’re getting a collar for the first time, do not make the mistake of thinking that anything you can wrap around your dog’s neck will do. Different types of collars have different characteristics, some of which may cause problems if not used the right way or if used on the wrong type of dog. Let’s take a look at the different types of collars available.

Standard Buckle Collars

The standard collar is essentially a small regular belt, which is often made of nylon, leather, or any other woven fabric, and fastened using a conventional belt buckle or a quick-release buckle. It also has a metal hoops where a dog tag or a leash can be attached.

Although standard collars are usually cheaper than other types of collars, they are not the best option for more energetic dog breeds. When a dog pulls on a leash while wearing a standard collar, it can put too much pressure on the throat and cause the dog to suffocate. Standard collars work best on more behaved dogs that do not require constant pulling during walks.

Martingale Collars

Martingale collars are sometimes called greyhound collars or whippet collars because they were originally used on these dog breeds, whose necks were wider than their heads. A martingale collar can be considered as both a regular collar and a training collar because it tightens up around the neck when the dog pulls on the leash. However, unlike other training collars that can potentially strangle a dog, a martingale collar is specially designed to only tighten to a certain point. The pressure from tugging on a leash will be enough to deter pulling and other unwanted behavior, but not enough to cause harm.

Martingale collars are safe enough to be used as a regular collar, so there’s no need to keep switching collars every time you need to take your dog out for a walk. A good martingale collar is also easily adjustable so it can be used on almost any kind of dog breed that is not prone to breathing problems. You can get martingale collars from well-equipped dog supplies shop and from trusted martingale collar suppliers online. 

Safety Collars

Safety collars typically come in two variants, namely breakaway collars and stretch collars. Breakaway collars possess a secondary safety buckle that releases when pressure is applied, while stretch collars have an elastic section that can stretch, allowing the collar to loosen from the dog’s head if needed.

These collars are specifically meant to prevent strangulation accidents, particularly in situations when a dog gets entangled with hazards like fences, branches, tables, and other objects.

Body Harnesses

A harness wraps around a dog’s shoulders and chest, taking the pressure off the dog’s neck when the dog pulls the leash. Because there is very little (if any) risk of choking, a harness is great for dog breeds that are prone to breathing problems such as pugs and other brachycephalic dog breeds.

Depending on the type of harness you choose, you can attach the leash to a hoop at the front or at the back of the dog. Most people recommend the front-clip variant for when you’re training a dog not to pull, while back-clip harnesses are typically chosen by those with dogs who are already disciplined enough not to pull.

Choosing the right type of collar is important not just to keep your dog safe and comfortable, but also because it is an essential tool for training your pet. Make sure to get a quality product from a reliable supplier.

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