4 Tips for Florida Newbies

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If you’re a relative newbie to this glorious, sun-soaked state, and you’re planning on sinking some roots into Miami, Orlando, Cape Coral or Palm Bay (or anywhere else for that matter!) you’ll probably take some time adapting. Florida is one of the most upbeat, laid-back and positive states in America. From theme parks to dazzling beaches, buzzing nightlife to serene natural wonders, Florida has everything to encourage you to stay. So, to get you well on your way to seeing Florida as your permanent home, settling into whichever community you choose, here are some top tips to ensure your incubation period here is pleasurable and drama-free.

Prepare for Sun

There’s a reason it’s called The Sunshine State. In most places, well over two-thirds of the year see sunshine shine down from the happy heavens, meaning you’ll be well topped-up on vitamin D and all those positive wellbeing elements that come with exposure to sunlight. However, you should take precautions as the sun can feel relentless to those without the appropriate clothing and creams. Invest in these early on and make sure you and your family are protected from the elements so that you can fully enjoy their glory!

Familiarize Yourself with the Sights

There’s plenty to see and do in Florida; the relatively compact state is punching well above its weight in attractions. The upshot of the many theme parks, beaches, restaurants, bars, nature reserves and areas of astounding natural beauty is that there should rarely be a moment you don’t feel compelled to hit out and see the state. Getting to grips with all Florida has to offer will mean you’re never out of ideas of what to do on the weekend.

Get Cultural

Besides the burgeoning list of tourist sights on Florida’s books, there’s also a side to the state that only residents can fully appreciate, and that’s the unique culture of a region that’s assimilated Cubans and African-Americas, and folk from all walks of life, be they young artists or retired beach-goers. Get out and explore your local area and you’ll find everything from Tiki bars to book groups, all with a welcoming, accepting atmosphere that comes with a state known for its open-mindedness.

Know the Services

Florida is seen by much of the US as a chilled-out and welcoming community. But in part, this is a community that rests on the institutions and services that hold us together and propel us forward. Whether you’re looking to yacht, broker, buy some land or simply make the most of your years here, there are services a Google away that’ll make life a lot easier and introduce you to the fine people of this state. There are even legal experts in the Florida Ticket Firm that’ll fight your case when you’ve picked up a ticket.

Welcome to Florida: now you have the basics under your belt, it’s up to you to act on them and get out into the state to explore, make friends, and become part of a large yet close-knit community that truly cares for one another.

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