4 Things You Should Know About Applying For a New Social Security Card

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A social security card may be damaged, lost or stolen. Also, when some people get married or divorced, they opt to change their social security information. When you find yourself in such situations the first question that comes in your mind is, How do I get a new social security card? However, that should not worry you any much. To replace your social security card, you can apply online for a new one just with your driver’s license. Here are four things you should know when applying for a new social security card.

  • Provide the appropriate documentation. You will be required to bring all the necessary documents, statement, and current third-party evidence with you. All these will explain and act as evidence that clearly shows why you need a new card. For instance, if your card lost or damaged in robbery, police and medical records can act as evidence. In addition, you are supposed to provide original documentation or copies that shows your age, identity, and citizenship. In case you want to change your information, Social Security Administration office will ask you to provide original documentation that clearly proofs you changed your name. Note that photocopies are not accepted.

  • It is absolutely free. You are not required to pay anything for a new card. Applying for a new card or replacing your card is free of charge. Applying is very simple as just need to get online and download the application form. Also, you can make an appointment with your local Social Security Administration office and apply in person. However, there are companies who take advantage of individuals who are unable to complete the application form. They charge a fee to help individuals complete their application form. It is important to know that there is no payment required in the process of getting a new card.

  • Your old card number will remain. Your old card number is not lost as it is kept on file. However, it may be somehow disappointing to hear that your old number will be kept, especially if it caused you trouble. The essence of keeping your old number is to ensure that your old history is not lost. This is beneficial to you as you will be ensured to receive appropriate credit for earnings under both numbers. This is done by checking your old number against the new number.

  • Creditworthiness. A new social security card number may lower your loan limit as its history might make it look like you have just begun to build your credit. This is because your former credit data is not linked to your new card. For lenders to approve your loan or credit, they will need to know your past credit history. However, some lenders may turn your loan application down due to your sparse credit history.

Your social security card benefits you in different ways. Therefore, there should be no reason hindering you from enjoying these benefits having in mind that replacing your card is free.

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