4 Of The Best Gift Ideas For Your Husband

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If your husband has a birthday coming up, then it’s time to go gift shopping. This can mean spending hours on the internet looking for cool ideas and things to get him. Well, that can take a lot of time and be quite stressful. So, I’ve decided to take out all the hard work for you! I’ve come up with four of the best gift ideas for your husband.

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Movie Memorabilia

Remember all those nights you forced yourself to stay up with your husband watching his favourite film? Remember how he used to talk the whole way through each time, explaining everything in every scene? Of course you remember, how could you forget!? Well, all that will finally come in handy when their birthday rolls around. Think about getting them some memorabilia from their favourite film. If they’re a Star Wars fan, think about buying them a replica lightsaber. Obviously if they aren’t a fan, buy them something from the film they love. A gift like this is incredibly thoughtful and will trigger manly tears of joy.

Wine/Beer Hampers

Alcohol is always a good gift idea for your man. But there’s nothing special about giving them a bottle of wine or six-pack of beer. This is where gift hampers come in handy. They’re a nice way to give your husband some alcoholic treats while still looking thoughtful. They also make popular Father’s day gifts, because they’re so neatly packaged. Find a beer/wine hamper that has everything you want in it and give it to your husband. It will be the best alcohol related gift they’ve ever received.

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DIY Tools

Consider getting them a nice new toolset for their birthday. No doubt your man considers himself something of a handyman around the house. So, what better way to fuel his passion than by getting him some DIY tools? Now he’ll have all the equipment needed to carry out DIY projects around the house. Hey, who knows, you might even benefit from this. Maybe one day you’ll wake up, and he’s completely revamped the house for you! I’d also suggest you get him a tool belt to go with his tools. Men seem to love having their tools on a belt, I don’t know why. Perhaps it makes them feel like they have a Batman style utility belt?

Sports Tickets

I’d bet my house that your fella spends his weekends watching his favourite sport and screaming at the telly. Well, you aren’t alone, my husband does this and so do pretty much everyone else’s too. If they’re such a big sports fan, what better gift than tickets to a match?! Buy them tickets to see their favourite team in action. If it means you have to endure live sports in a stadium surrounded by loud men, then so be it. It’s your man’s special day, so you have to treat him!


Any one of these gifts will make your husband’s day. If you want, you can get a couple of things on this list too. Just say that one thing’s from you and another is from the kids!

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