4 Genius Space Saving Ideas For Your Kid’s Room

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Childrens’ bedrooms often look like a war zone. Sometimes it’s scary just opening the door! You never know how much mess you’re going to find. You can write all the rotas you like, the bedroom is one place that is always messy. That’s because the kid’s bedroom is their creative space. It’s where they’ll explore the limits of their imagination. It’s not just a bedroom, it’s a pirate ship, or a treasure island, or the moon!

Pirate ships get messy! There is a way to keep your kids happy, creative and tidy. You’ll need to make a few changes to the bedroom and really design it around space saving. Your children need as much playspace as possible. That means squeezing their furniture in around them! There are plenty of space saving solutions and your kids will love them too. Keeping the house tidy and kids entertained is the first steps to successful parenting.


If your child’s bedroom is on the top floor, you can make the most of high ceilings or attic spaces with a mezzanine. This is basically a floating floor built in above the usual space. Hitch up a ladder so they can get to it and the extra space is yours for the taking. You could put their bed up there or just make it the dedicated play space. Your kids will find this endlessly exciting. You’ll keep the mess at bay by restricting it to one place. Just be sure to install a safe ladder.

Desk Bunk Bed

As your children get older, they come to want their own little space. Somewhere to do their homework or just sit and read. The desk bunk bed is ideal for this. It’s a raised bed, with the desk and storage space built in underneath it. This is the perfect space saving solution. You can install drawers for their clothes and there’s a desk for them to keep pens in. The fun of this bed never gets old for children. Space saving and fun!

Fitted Wardrobes

This one’s not quite so fun for the kids, but it will make your life easier. Fitted wardrobes can be designed to fit perfectly into your preferred room. A professional company like Hammonds Fitted Wardrobes will design it around the nooks and crannies of your room. You’ll save as much space as possible. It also means that you’ll create a lot more storage space for their clothes and never-ending pile of toys. Make sure there’s a designated space for toys and they must always go back in the wardrobe!

Free up the floor space

The key to a clutter free room is limiting the amount of furniture on the floor. Wire up lamps so they are fitted to the wall. Make sure you have plenty of shelves for books and toys to live on. Install compartments under the bed and into hidden spaces in the wardrobe. Quirky designs help children put things away better. Let them have the run of the floor space and you take care of the storage areas!

Make tidying up part of any game they’re playing. Pretend you have to hide all the toys away before they leave the room. It’s a good habit to get them into and it’ll make your life easier. These space saving ideas will help and the kids will love them.


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