4 Aspirational Gift Ideas for Your Child’s Birthday

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Picture the scene. You’re out shopping at the local mall to get your child a birthday present, which shouldn’t be too hard, right? But wait, you step into the toy store, only to be faced with shelf after shelf of toys in every shape imaginable. So, what do you do? Do you play it safe and buy them a gender-specific remote-control car or Barbie doll? Maybe a video game would be a more suitable choice or perhaps some dressing up clothes? Before you know it, your head is in a spin, and you have no choice, but to walk out of the store empty-handed. So, to stop you from ending up with a serious case of buyer’s remorse, we’ve come up with four gift ideas for your kid’s special day.

1. Musical Instrument

If your child has a natural interest in music, why not nurture that interest by investing in a musical instrument? It might just end up being the smartest decision that you ever make. The earlier they start, then the more likely it is to become a long-term passion, and you may just end up with a famous musician on your hands!

3819815046_42ed4ba538_zImage: Flickr

2. Collection of Classic Literature

Literacy is a serious problem in the US, so if you have a child that loves reading and writing, you should count yourself very lucky indeed. Try encouraging them in their literary pursuits by investing in some classic literature. Depending on their age, you can include books by Charles Dickens, or Arthur Miller. Anything that will help get their creative juices flowing. As part of the gift also include a good quality writing book and a set of Zebra pens. This will give them the means through which to express themselves and develop their writing skills at the same time.

3005817681_ea8e0b9875_zImage: Flickr

3. Bicycle

Teaching our children about the importance of regular exercise at an early age is one of the most important gifts that we can give as parents. If your child is a little older, a bicycle can also help to give them a taste of independence, which will do wonders for their confidence and self-development.

400px-Little_boy_without_training_wheels_with_helmet_and_sandalsImage: Wikimedia Commons

4. Dance Classes

If your child is buzzing with energy, some kind of dance class is probably in order. You could opt for classic dance such as ballet, or perhaps some more contemporary street dance classes. It’s a great way of helping them to stay fit and provides the perfect opportunity to socialize and meet new people. This in itself will help to improve their confidence. So, if you’ve got a child who’s a little on the shy side, dance classes are a way of helping to improve their self-esteem and levels of confidence.

3982766060_713bb324ee_zImage: Flickr
Whilst it might be tempting to spend a fortune on the latest video game for your child’s birthday, why not opt for something a little less predictable? Remember, the best gift we can buy for our children isn’t necessarily defined by how much money we spend on it. Because ultimately, a thoughtful gift that inspires and helps to nurture a lifelong passion is a gift that will be treasured forever.

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