3 Ways To Keep Your Family Cool In Hot Conditions

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We all enjoy the sunshine. It gives us the perfect conditions to go out with family, play sports or even sunbathe. It feels wonderful having that warmth on your skin but sometimes it can get too hot to bear and can be harmful to our health. If your family are not sun worshippers, it can be uncomfortable and frustrating trying to keep cool all the time. Even if you go inside the heat can still reach you. It can be difficult to find some relief from the sun’s powerful rays. But there are things you can do to protect your family from overheating and sunstroke. Use this guide to get you started today.

Install air conditioning

Air conditioning allows use to regulate the temperatures in our homes, making it a more suitable environment for your family. During hot conditions, you can go inside your home and know it’s going to be a safe and comfortable temperature for you all to be in. Contact Wattle Grove air conditioning services to find out if which unit will best suit your home. Just make sure that you don’t become too reliant on the unit. Going from very cool to sweltering hot conditions can shock your body and make you unwell. If you only use it when necessary, you should be okay.

Wear light colored and loose clothing

Dark clothing will attract more heat from the sun. If you know you’re going to be spending time outside, dress your family in light colours and avoid navy and black altogether. These colours will make you feel hotter and more uncomfortable. Choose white and pastel colours as they are ideal for keeping cool. Also, consider lighter options when choosing hats. Wearing a black sunhat will direct heat to our heads. This could be harmful to your health so choose light and bright colors instead.

Also when choosing which clothing to wear, go for loose-fitting garments. Tight fitting clothes will restrict your movement and prevent any air reaching your skin. This will make you warmer and irritable in no time at all. Looser garments will allow your family to move freely and also protect their skin from UV rays.

Take a cooler bag with you

Fill a cooler bag with plenty of ice packs, bottles of water and cool snacks such as yogurt or ice-cream. The ice packs will keep the items cool until you or your family need them. Store out of the direct sunlight to make it stays colder for longer. These cold snacks and drinks will help you keep your family’s body temperature’s at a comfortable level. Being in the sun can also make you dehydrated, so water needs to take priority over everything else in the bag.

Keeping cool in hot conditions will make you have a happier family, and you will be able to enjoy your time together much more. If you can’t avoid spending time outside, stick to shaded spots to prevent any burning and always stay hydrated with plenty of water. There’s no reason we can’t all enjoy being in the sunshine if we follow these tips closely.

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