3 Tips On Buying And Assembling The Perfect Cot For Your Baby

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If you’re expecting a baby, the one essential item you will not be able to do without is a crib. It’s hard to picture a baby’s nursery without one as it provides a safe sanctuary for your baby to sleep peacefully in.  Even though there are hundreds of options available both online and in store,  a crib requires some thought and planning. Use these tips to find the perfect crib to encourage an even smoother transition into motherhood.

Buying the crib

While it can be tempting to go for cheaper second-hand options, there is no guaranteeing your baby’s safety in these cribs. They could have vital pieces missing, or the constructions might not have been done correctly. Also, drop down side cribs that were once a popular style are now considered dangerous. So buying an up to date crib will be the best way to protect your bundle of joy. New cribs will vary in quality and price, so do plenty of research into reputable makes that give you a high standard crib that will suit your budget. Also, factor in the cost of the mattress as this is often not included with the crib itself.

Many standard cribs can adapt to your child as they grown from a baby into a toddler. This may require removing the sides and changing the mattress, which could cost you extra. But this additional cost could save you spending money on a bed when the crib design is no longer needed.

Correct assembly

Once you get your crib home, unpackage the box and ensure you have all of the correct pieces. Read through the instructions carefully before you begin and always do a step at a time. Make sure that you use screw all of the pieces together firmly. It should not feel flimsy or unsteady at all and should stand up straight without assistance.

A baby store will often have a crib assembly scheme, where you can get them to build it for you for a fee. Enquire about this service if you feel nervous about building such an important piece of furniture. Also, ask about their return and exchange policies should you make an error in your measuring or just change your mind.


Placement is critical

Where you intend to place your crib in your baby’s nursery needs to be considered. It should not be directly facing any windows as the sun could damage their eyes and make them feel too warm. It should also not be located by any wall hangings or shelves that they can pull down when you are not around. This could cause them harm and be a potential suffocation risk. Also, remove any lights and blinds that have cords they can play with as this could cause them to strangle themselves. The key is keeping the space simple and safe even when you are not around.

As you can see, there’s a lot more to buying a crib than you initially thought. Consider the positioning and quality of the crib to ensure you’re buying the best option possible for your baby. This is the one place they should feel safe and calm so choose wisely and follow all assembly guidelines.

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