3 Simple Tips to Help Prevent the Signs of Aging

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One aspect of ageing that none of us likes is the effect that it can have on our appearance. Wrinkles, crow’s feet and tired sagging skin don’t exactly lend themselves to a woman being able to feel her best. Whilst we can’t stop the ageing process entirely, we can help to reduce its effect on our appearance by taking action as early as possible. By action, we don’t mean that you should book an appointment with your friendly local plastic surgeon. What we do mean is that there are simple techniques that you can incorporate into your beauty regime today, so you can keep looking your best for as long as possible. 6175811463_349f1157de_zSource: Flickr
1. Get Plenty of Sleep We tend to need much less sleep as we get older, but that doesn’t mean that just getting a couple of hours each night will suffice. We all need our beauty sleep, no matter what age we happen to be. Fatigue can cause skin to look dull and lose its plumpness. So, if you struggle to sleep for more than 4-6 hours, then try and take short ‘power-naps’ in the day. They’re great for helping you to feel refreshed, and you’ll find that your skin looks much healthier as well.
2. Protect Your Skin We expose our skin to all sorts throughout the course of our lives. We spend the day in a polluted city, or sit in the sun without wearing sunscreen. We may not notice any damage at the time, but trust us, the damage is being done. So, make sure you cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin at least twice a day. Everybody should do this, no matter if they happen to be 16 or 52. If you’re spending the day out of doors, make sure you wear sunscreen with a factor of at least thirty or above. If you wear make up, try and use products of the highest quality. You can look on the internet to find discounted cosmetics and cheap make up from many of the top-selling brands. You may not be able to improve the damage that’s already been done, but you can prevent further damage from happening.
3. Take Regular Exercise As we get older, our joints are more prone to stiffness than when we were younger. If we don’t work to prevent it, we can lose strength and suppleness. You don’t have to run a marathon in order to stay fit and healthy. You could go swimming once or twice a week, or join a senior yoga class or walking group. The great thing about joining an exercise class is that you get to meet lots of new people, which can help to keep you feeling young in itself! If you’re a little more restricted in your range of movement, any form of gentle exercise would suffice. As long as it raises your heartbeat, you’ll still reap the all-important anti-ageing benefits.   3939253265_433ca4bc0d_zSource: Flickr Remember, getting older isn’t something to be ashamed of, it’s just another stage of your life that should be embraced and enjoyed. So, whatever you do, don’t ever let age stop you from doing anything – there’s just too much fun to be had for that!

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