16 Ways Of Staying Safe In 2016

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We all want to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. But with so much advice floating around these days, what are the best ways of doing this?

The fact is that nowhere is entirely safe. This goes for our homes, our offices and our online spaces. It applies to the way we travel, and where we travel too. However, there are ways to increase your safety to a level that allows you to relax and enjoy life properly. Read on for 16 methods everybody should be using to stay safe in 2016.

Use complicated passwords

Password hacking is becoming more and more effective. A password that is complicated is far harder to crack than one that is not. A good password should combine letter, numbers and characters.

Learn a form of self-defense

While many people will never have to use self-defence training, there is no harm in having it to hand. Kickboxing, Karate, Jiu-Jitsu are all fantastic. They can be learned as part of a group or in individual one-to-one sessions. Not only do they equip the learner with handy skills, but they also build confidence and improve fitness.

Keep an eye on terror alerts and advice

This website keeps a track of current terror alerts. These can indicate areas that you should avoid travelling to if possible. There is more info on keeping yourself and other safe in the event of a terror attack here.

Park in well-lit and busy areas

Wherever possible, park in areas that are bright and busy. The more visible you are, the less of a target you will be would-be thieves. This goes for both you and your vehicle. Even better, park your car in a garage. This way it’s really protected and will likely bring your car insurance price down.

Install security cameras

Invest in reliable security cameras for your home and business, like those from All Secured Security Services. Security cameras an effective deterrent from crime. Plus they will give you crucial information were something to happen.

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Carry something to defend yourself

The rules of what a person can carry to defend themselves against attack vary from state to state, and country to country. Research what is legal and what is illegal where you live. Personal alarms are legal everywhere, of course, so these are a very good option.

Keep a close eye on your bank account

If money starts going missing from your account, it will be a lot easier to recover the sooner you notice. Don’t let you banks account sit unchecked; take a look every so often to ensure that everything is as it should be.

Use common sense

This might sound like an obvious one, but it really is true. Dark streets are less safe than lit streets. Walking in groups is generally safer than walking alone. Similarly, if a situation arises, do your best to think logically, as opposed to emotionally.

Check your doors and windows every night

It’s amazing how many people don’t have this as part of their nightly routine. Get into the habit of ensuring every external window and door in your home is locked before you go to sleep. If a burglar finds one open, you’re making their entry and subsequent crime far easier for them.

Don’t be the hero if you can’t actually help

It’s natural to want to help if you see something bad happening. But trying to be a hero can do more harm than good. If there is a house-fire for example, and the fire crew have already arrived, do not interfere. By entering the fire yourself, you are potentially putting a crew member’s life at risk in trying to rescue you.

Let the emergency services do their job

On a similar vein to the point above, you should only emulate the actions of a police force or ambulance service until they arrive. Moving an injured person can result in dire consequences, for example. Do not get involved past your areas of expertise. Let the trained professional do their jobs.

Protect yourself from date-rape drugs

This point goes for both men and women. When you’re out drinking, keep your beverage close at hand. Even better, if you have a bottle, keep your thumb over the opening. This way you will know that nobody has slipped anything sinister into your drink.

Use apps to monitor your whereabouts

We have our phones on us most of the time, so it makes sense to use them to keep us safe. There are some fantastic apps out there to do just that. Watch Over Me is one such free app. You can instruct it to track your location via GPS for however long you choose. Then, if you haven’t checked in by the end of that time, it notifies your emergency contacts. It can do this by text, email or even via social media.

Don’t show off your expensive items

If you have a beautiful new piece of jewellery or a watch, you’ll be tempted to show it off. But be careful. Doing so could attract unwanted attention. In nightclubs, for example, it is dark and crowded. This is the ideal environment for a thief to steal something you were showing your friends earlier.

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Only use registered taxi companies

Getting into an unregistered taxi or cab is always a terrible idea. No matter what the driver may say to you, never chance it. Always keep a handful of numbers in your phone in case the first couple you call are busy. If you are in a dangerous situation and everyone says they are busy, explain to the person you’re speaking to that you’re feeling unsafe. The may be able to get someone to you sooner, or have a backup service they can deploy. Even better, book your taxi before you leave home.

Listen to your gut

There is no way to keep yourself 100% safe. In those situations, listen to your gut. If something doesn’t seem quite right, trust your instincts.

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