10 Things You Didn’t Know About Hearing Loss

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Hearing loss is a subject that many people forget to learn more about. In our modern day lives we all do things that can negatively impact our hearing, so it only makes sense to learn about hearing loss and then take the steps to prevent it. The following 10 things are all facts that I bet you weren’t aware of:

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1. The Amount of People With Hearing Loss is Set to Soar

10 million people were thought to be suffering from hearing loss in 2011, so it’s scary to realise that more people are set to suffer with it in the future. It is expected that 14.5 million people will have hearing loss in 2031.

2. One Out of 3 People Suffers With Hearing Loss at Age 65

That’s right – one out of every 3 people you know, including yourself, could be suffering from hearing loss come 65 years old.

3. Around 30 out of Every 1000 School Children Have Hearing Loss

Children aren’t immune from hearing loss either. 30 out of every 1000 school children suffer from it.

4. Hearing Loss is the Third Most Common Physical Condition

Hearing loss is very common. So common in fact, that it’s the third most common physical condition alongside arthritis and heart disease.

5. Hearing Loss Can Result in Personality Changes

If somebody is experiencing hearing loss for the first time, it can cause slight personality changes. A person may act aloof, confused, or show other changes in personality.

6. Age and Hearing Loss are Closely Linked

People who develop hearing loss are mostly mature. Age and hearing loss are very closely linked. However, this doesn’t mean it’s something that will definitely happen to you. Making sure you do things like eat a healthy diet will certainly keep your hearing in good condition

7. Hearing Loss is Permanent

Depending on the cause of hearing loss, it can be permanent. It can also be mild or severe. Some hearing aids claim to help, but many of them make false claims. However, certain companies are working on exposing hearing aids, so you know which ones work and which don’t.

8. Hearing Loss Can Be Confused With Other Conditions in Old Age

It can be frightening to learn that hearing loss can actually be confused with other conditions in old age. Dementia, for example, can be confused with hearing loss in an elderly person.

9. Hearing Loss Can Complicate Certain Conditions

Even if hearing loss isn’t being confused for something else, it can still complicate certain conditions. This can make treating elderly people very difficult.

10. Hearing Loss Can be Caused by Not Taking Care of Your Hearing

As well as happening naturally with old age, hearing loss can be caused by not taking care of your hearing while you’re young too. Depending on what you’re doing to affect your hearing, you could suffer from permanent hearing loss much younger than you’d expect to. This is why it’s so important to take care of your hearing.

Use this new information to spur you on when it comes to looking after your hearing!

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