10 Products You Need in Your Hair Care Tool Kit

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Having the perfect hair care tool kit is essential if you want beautiful, luxurious looking hair. You can’t use mediocre products (or no products at all) and expect to have salon quality hair every day. These 10 products are essential:

A Leave in Conditioner

A leave in conditioner is super easy to use. Simply shampoo your hair, towel dry, and then spray in your leave in conditioner. It’s especially helpful for hair that gets tangled easily or could use some moisturising products. Just don’t use too much, or you could end up with greasy hair.

A Hair Mask

Apply a hair mask regularly, and you should notice a big difference in the condition of your hair. All you do is apply it generously, especially to the ends of your hair, and then wrap your hair up for a few hours. You can even wrap it up and sleep in it before washing it out in the morning.

Smoothing/Finishing Serums

You can usually buy smoothing/finishing serums in one. They are great for getting rid of flyaways, and giving your hair that salon quality finish. With this sort of product, less is always more!

Natural Movement Hairspray

There’s nothing worse than crunchy hair that doesn’t move. Avoid using strong hold hairsprays and go for a natural movement hairspray instead. This will keep your hair looking bouncy and healthy while holding your style in place.

Volumizing Mousse

If your hair can be a bit flat and lacklustre at times, Davines hair care explains that a volumising mousse can be the answer. Apply to the roots of towel dried hair before blow drying upside down for maximum lift!

Heat Protection Spray

If you use heated appliances, heat protection spray is a must. The less heat you use on your hair, the better, so make sure you use a protectant spray to stop breakages and damage.

A Curling Tong

A curling tong can help to give an extra big, bouncy look depending on the size you go for. Great for all hair lengths and styles. Curl in different sizes and directions for a more natural look, before breaking up with your fingers.

A Hair Straightener

Some people can get away with not using a straightener at all, while others need one to stop their bed hair from scaring people in the street. To keep your hair extra smooth and sleek, use smoothing products and blowdry your hair pointing the nozzle down the shaft. Don’t ever sleep with wet hair!

Sleep in Rollers

Pop in some sleep in rollers before bed time and then go to sleep. Wake up in the morning, remove them, and you should have bouncy hair to rival Cheryl Fernandez Versini!

A Good Brush

We all need a quality brush to smooth our hair out, create volume, tame fly aways, and just make us look presentable in general. A great brush will last years!

Make sure you’ve got these 10 products in your hair care tool kit and you can say buh-bye to bad hair days once and for all!

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